One set of people management skills actually matters

People Management Skills

All you really need to do is walk around and observe stuff. Continue Reading

High potential employees: The fatal flaw

High potential employees

The quick and dirty on how your top five percent of employees somehow ends up including members of your bottom 10 percent. Continue Reading

Personnel problems lose you about $15.5M/year

Personnel Problems

Kicking stuff to HR = hitting you right in the wallet. Continue Reading


Focus more on employee strengths

Employee Strengths

The psychology of the human brain meets potential for the bottom line. Continue Reading


Only 34 percent of managers can name the strengths of their employees. WTF?

Manage Through Employee Strengths

In the course of writing this blog, I’ve come across some (admittedly designed as clickbait) headlines about management and leadership that really depress me. For example: “82 Percent Of Managerial Hires Are The Wrong One.”¬†Ditto: “95 Percent Of Managers Don’t… Continue Reading