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Raleigh is apparently the best place to have a career right now

I love “best places to live” studies and research, because I think it’s a fundamental question of the next generation coming up in the workplace. The Utah and Colorado areas always tend to… Continue reading

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It might take 371 days for your mom to friend you on Facebook

This is kind of old, but I just learned about it. Sue me. Facebook did a study on family dynamics within the site –utilizing millions of users — and found a bunch of… Continue reading

Can we all please stop talking about how much we’re multitasking? The concept is basically a myth.

The free (blog) content on Harvard Business Review is endlessly fascinating to me, because the “most e-mailed” or “most shared” section typically involves a list of titles about “maximizing your day” or “spending your first… Continue reading

No one really has any idea about the hangover, but your best bet is a fried breakfast

There’s a conference in Seattle this weekend on hangover cures — the people that study that stuff feel looked down upon in the broader alcohol science community, because the real foci is effects… Continue reading

From April 2013 to April 2014, only 72.9 percent of Southwest flights were on time; that’s the third-lowest in the industry

Admittedly, they have good fares and good customer service — but apparently they don’t take off on time or arrive on time very well. They were at 72.9 percent from April to April (’13… Continue reading

The most important people on Wikipedia might be Carl Linnaeus, Jesus, Michael Jackson, and Hitler

If you use two approaches to ranking web pages — PageRank (Google-developed) and 2D Rank (which measures how many external sources cited) — and you apply those ranking systems to Wikipedia, here’s what… Continue reading

High school dropouts seem to be moving to Riverside, CA and Cape Coral, FL

Check out the chart above; it’s from the awesome-to-read Richard Florida at CityLab. The stuff on the far right shouldn’t surprise you: the “most educated” people are heading to Seattle, San Francisco, DC, Denver, and… Continue reading

If you’re super popular at 13, you probably won’t be at 22

A new study, suitably summarized by NPR: if you’re in the cool crowd earlier, that’ll fade and you’ll likely have drinking, drug, or relational problems as you exit college. Lesson: the kids that… Continue reading