Maybe we should stop assuming change is hard

Change is hard

What if we began from a place of assuming success as opposed to assuming failure? Continue Reading

What if “integrity capital” will make you more money?

Integrity Capital

A fatter bottom line from being good, ethical people? Continue Reading


Do leadership competencies have to include “being an asshole?”

Leadership competencies

The Myth of Steve Jobs. Continue Reading


A data-backed argument for business failure

Business Failure

Business failure: everyone runs from it and no one wants to be associated with it. But maybe that’s the wrong attitude. Here’s a recent article from Wall Street Journal on the most successful stocks of the past 30 years; Harvard Business Review then invited one of… Continue Reading


On Will Smith and the treadmill success theory

I came across an article on Wharton’s website about whether hiring should be based on gut or data, which is an insanely interesting topic because … well … most organizations spend about half their money going out on salaries and hiring, and… Continue Reading


Success actually isn’t a good teacher

If you were to line up a bunch of people in any industry, or job, or even family … and then you were to ask them, “Who do you learn from?” … I think most of the answers you’d get would be around… Continue Reading

The “escalator of success” is straight-up broken

The escalator to success is broken

Cool article from John Brandon on Inc about “the escalator of success” and how it’s broken/running on fumes. Had only heard that specific term once or twice in the past, but as for the concept that it’s broken? Could.Not.Agree.More. It’s interesting because Mad Men is… Continue Reading


People always question failure. What about questioning success?

Question Success As Much As Failure

Almost regardless of the job level you have, if you’ve failed at something at work, someone has been up in your arse crack about it. “Why did that happen? I need answers!” People can be miserable, especially middle managers — who… Continue Reading