Here’s a quick test that could determine if you’re going to be wealthy

Make Money Money

Check this out: You scan the grid, then figure out what number is associated with “music.” Then you answer. Simple, right? Thing is, the answers are easy — but after a couple of minutes of doing this, your brain basically… Continue Reading


The personal question my wife asked me that I can’t answer (and what it means)

I originally wrote this back in March ’15, but I decided to repurpose it a little bit because of recent events. The Original Story It’s been snowing/freezing raining in “The Metroplex” of Dallas-Fort Worth since basically about Tuesday, so this… Continue Reading


What the Kansas City Royals can teach you about your life

KC Royals And Overcoming

Dating back to 1999, this is how many games the Kansas City Royals lost in each season (remember, more than 81 losses in a MLB season means you’re a sub-.500 team):