When the Seahawks show real emotion, people call them “fake.” Why?

Seahawks Real Emotions

Remember that Richard Sherman interview at the end of last year’s NFC Championship Game? Even though Sherman was in a physical state roughly equivalent to post-orgasm, the “real” nature of that interview — one athlete calling out another athlete, a… Continue Reading

Super Bowl ads work (EDIT: if you’re Budweiser)

Budweiser Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl ads are costing about $4.5 million for 30 seconds this year — highest-ever — which makes sense because each year seems to get another million in that audience column; last year’s game absolutely sucked and still, somehow and… Continue Reading


Old media curmudgeons need to shut their yaps about Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch Media Day

Here’s a basic list of Super Bowl 49 related storylines, best I can tell: DeflateGate / adults making “ball” jokes in their nightly reports Tom Brady tries to tie Joe Montana The Seahawks try to establish themselves as a dynastic… Continue Reading


24.9 million tweets were sent during Super Bowl 48 — and the scrollable refresh trigger is lining Twitter’s pockets

There’s a chart of the peak moments on Twitter during last night’s Super Bowl, via Twitter’s official blog. Overall 24.9 million tweets were sent — last year’s Super Bowl, which was a much closer game, had about 24.1 million tweets sent… Continue Reading


Super Bowl post-mortem: What can we learn from Pete Carroll, Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer about winning as a college coach in the NFL?

Here’s a list of every Super Bowl winning coach. After last night, four total titles have been won by three men who share a similar distinction — winning a Super Bowl and a college national championship. Those three men? Jimmy Johnson,… Continue Reading

About 45 Northwestern Kellogg MBA students will be analyzing Super Bowl ads tomorrow night (yay ADPLAN framework)

That M&Ms “Anything for Love” ad was one of the big winners of last year’s Super Bowl — along with, you know, the Baltimore Ravens — when a bunch of Northwestern MBA students get together and evaluate the ads on… Continue Reading

Would it be possible to develop your Super Bowl chili recipes via only YouTube? Seems plausible.

I’m a huge believer that you can learn things almost entirely from YouTube — a woman in Idaho basically built a house via YouTube videos — so it seems like the Super Bowl and what you eat should be no different.… Continue Reading

Where Signing Day and the Super Bowl intersect: Peyton Manning and Randy Moss could have been something at Tennessee

Quick story of import here: on Sunday, Peyton Manning will go for his second Super Bowl ring. If he gets it, people think maybe he walks into the sunset (but he probably doesn’t). Regardless, it’s been an insanely productive professional… Continue Reading