Work surveys are such a fucking joke

People lie to represent who they think they are — or protect their job. Continue Reading

Employee feedback: Confidentiality screws up accountability

Anonymous Employee Feedback

One of the most remarkable things to me about the evolution (revolution?) of business in the modern era is this seeming dichotomy: Organizations now strive to get real-time feedback from customers (think social media, tracking tools, etc.) Organizations still basically… Continue Reading

Did you know 89 billion business e-mails are sent in a given day? (Smashes face into desk.)

Look at that info-graphic and just weep. 89 billion business e-mails are sent per day. That’s a whole lot of “Got it, thx” or “Need that ASAP, plz.” Think about this: in 1995 or so, business e-mail wasn’t even a norm. Now… Continue Reading


2014 Elections Trend: Anti-incumbent attitudes are near a record high, but there’s very few toss-up races. Why?

Check out the chart above and some of the charts herein, and you could argue that the 2014 midterms have the highest anti-incumbent polling stance in about 22-24 years — seems like 68 percent of those polled are saying they want to… Continue Reading


One in four Americans think the country is headed in the right direction (1 in 8 Republicans), and … somehow that’s an increase

Here’s some odd news: 23 percent — i.e. 1 in 4 — of Americans believe the country is headed in the right direction, per Gallup. The weird thing? That’s an increase — the last time Gallup did this poll, it was about… Continue Reading


Political polarization explained via Gallup: the Democratic Party in America has become more liberal over time

One of the biggest things we’ve been hearing about in American politics for the past 18-24 months is the increasing polarization and partisan breakdown of how things function. It all seems pretty logical, but now, via a new Gallup study… Continue Reading