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Could acqui-hiring work outside the tech space?

The basic concept of “acqui-hiring” is pretty simple — as more tech talent (primarily that’s the industry where this happens) opts for start-ups over bigger companies, the bigger companies find it harder to… Continue reading

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Satya Nadella and Microsoft just hit one of the all-time corporate pivot moments

Remember back in about 1996, when there were all sorts of pre-Internet memes about how, if Bill Gates stumbled across a $20 on the street, it actually wasn’t worth his time to bend over… Continue reading

Can humans trust robots? No … how about we ask whether robots can trust humans, eh?

hitchBOT is going to try and cross Canada this summer as a hitchhiker. Why that’s novel: it’s ostensibly a robot made out of a bucket. “This is both an artwork and social robotics… Continue reading

Maybe this is why everyone you ever talk to seems to be in the process of redesigning their website

Have two job interviews this week, and am also working freelance for another group right now — in all three cases, the organizations admit their website is “rough” and want to see a… Continue reading

Is Kemper County, Mississippi going to be the future of the climate change battle?

You may have heard about the Kemper County (MS) power plant – here’s the Wiki for it, for good measure — as it could be a major step forward in the climate change battle. Here’s the… Continue reading

The ‘telemetric age’ — a.k.a. ‘The Internet Of Things’ — could be normative by 2025. (Gird your loins!)

This, today, from Pew Research: “One positive effect of ‘ubiquitous computing,’ as it used to be called, will be much faster, more convenient, and lower-cost medical diagnostics. This will be essential if we… Continue reading

Estonia is a small country in northern Europe that has about as many people as Hawaii; it became a global leader in technology, though. Here’s the valuable lesson for the world.

Estonia, a former Soviet republic, is now often considered one of the leading digital centers of the world (some call it “E-Stonia” as a result). People vote online, people do their tax returns… Continue reading

The two “next big things” for tech are the mobile space and data. As such, is Facebook about to overtake Google?

You can certainly make a case that the Internet/tech world is shifting a bit. Mobile is “the next big thing,” and that space hurts Google – phrased simply, there’s less space for ads; phrased… Continue reading