Stop fucking checking your phone all the time

Pre-teens rock their phone or iPad or laptop 7.5 hours a day, adults rock some screen about 8.5 hours a day, and of course, all this is tied to a reduction in creativity (or so we believe). I’ve sat at… Continue Reading


Here’s why artificial intelligence should probably terrify you

I was talking to a friend on Sunday, just about the state of the world — as one is wanton to do on a Sunday — and we started talking about the generally sci-fi idea that evolution won’t end with… Continue Reading


What if what’s really being “disrupted” is The American Dream?

American Dream Disrupted

When you hear the word “disruption” in someone’s keynote speech, really they’re talking about how your quality of life is about to collapse. Continue Reading


Here’s something that could kill the tech industry

Steve Jobs 1995 Wired

We know two things somewhat conclusively in this argument: There are many people who believe San Francisco will someday become what Detroit has become (and is recovering from). 89 percent of the initial Fortune 500 doesn’t exist anymore. To quote Varsity Blues: “Things… Continue Reading


Technology shifted the world, in two photos and one lesson

I’m attending this conference for work right now, and yesterday Niall McKeown of Ionology gave a presentation. It was kind of general “strategy vs. digital strategy” stuff — although people often have no idea what strategy is — but he had a few interesting… Continue Reading


ChromeBook could supplant iPads in schools because of a simple contextual functionality

This is a cool story — it initially appeared on The Atlantic, but I saw it over on Quartz, and ostensibly, it’s about the educational technology sector, which is damn near close to $10 billion/year (up 2.5 percent from last year). There… Continue Reading


Cornell is trying to buck the Ivy League mold to a Silicon Valley place

Admittedly these are all stereotypes, but when you think about the Ivy League, you often think about guys (not talking about women here, per se) who want finance-type jobs in New York City or otherwise along the I-95 corridor. Please… Continue Reading


Could acqui-hiring work outside the tech space?

The basic concept of “acqui-hiring” is pretty simple — as more tech talent (primarily that’s the industry where this happens) opts for start-ups over bigger companies, the bigger companies find it harder to acquire talent the conventional way (i.e. recruiting… Continue Reading