Welcome to the Easy Work Era

Easy Work

We over-complicate a lot of things about work in an effort to feel relevant. Continue Reading


A project management dashboard ain’t gonna save you

Project Management Dashboard

Tech doesn’t always save you. Continue Reading

Adoption of technology: Don’t whiff on this

Adoption of technology

Another area where communication and empathy would benefit us all. Continue Reading


Technology killed recruiting

How Technology Killed Recruiting

At most organizations, the idea of daily deliverables murdered strategy. I also often think that the sheer concept of “head count” murdered innovation. You can add another one to the “X-Thing In Business” murdered “Y-Thing In Business” column: technology damn near slashed recruiting’s effectiveness… Continue Reading

We should probably stop considering mobile as “a fad”

Mobile Traffic And Informed Populations

I’ve talked to a lot of random high-middle-management people in my life who have told me that there isn’t really a logical reason to invest in mobile, because it’s a “fad.” (As in, “Well, something else will come along.”) I… Continue Reading

Incubators probably don’t actually work that well

Maybe incubators don't really work

In our grand race to deify the Bay Area culture while ignoring the fact that modern-day San Francisco may someday go the way of Detroit (and simultaneously ignoring the fact that Steve Jobs himself predicted the demise of the tech industry), we… Continue Reading

No shit, Facebook can cause depression

Facebook and Depression

People love to breathlessly analyze any stats about Facebook, largely because it’s at the center of a lot of people’s social universes. I think most logical people — remember: most people aren’t necessarily logical — can understand that Facebook probably isn’t the… Continue Reading


Is it possible that digital natives (millennials) will be better multitaskers?

Millennials and Multitasking

I almost jammed a pencil right in my cornea before I wrote another article talking about assumptions regarding millennials, because by now I think most of us realize those are all bullshit and may not come true in the way… Continue Reading