We really need to stop deifying Silicon Valley

Steve Jobs (ha!) actually predicted the demise of Silicon Valley. Continue Reading


The problem with deification of technology at work

This is a problem we all seem to bury our heads about. Continue Reading


Is meaningful interaction dying out via tech?

Meaningful interaction

This is a big topic that probably receives, er, too little attention. Continue Reading


“Disruptive technology” is an oft-misused term

Disruptive technology

It’s less about the tech and more about the decision-making process flaws. Continue Reading


Welcome to the Easy Work Era

Easy Work

We over-complicate a lot of things about work in an effort to feel relevant. Continue Reading


A project management dashboard ain’t gonna save you

Project Management Dashboard

Tech doesn’t always save you. Continue Reading

Adoption of technology: Don’t whiff on this

Adoption of technology

Another area where communication and empathy would benefit us all. Continue Reading


Technology killed recruiting

How Technology Killed Recruiting

At most organizations, the idea of daily deliverables murdered strategy. I also often think that the sheer concept of “head count” murdered innovation. You can add another one to the “X-Thing In Business” murdered “Y-Thing In Business” column: technology damn near slashed recruiting’s effectiveness… Continue Reading