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Why you should love college football

Above is the ending of the Auburn-Georgia game in 2013 that helped keep Auburn undefeated. At the time, it seemed like it might be the craziest thing that happened in the SEC last… Continue reading

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Elizabeth Cauvel vs. Courtney Lapresi is going to be the MasterChef 2014 finale, right?

MasterChef seems to be a big fan of the narrative thread this season perhaps more than any other — for example, Leslie and Ahran feuded repeatedly in early challenges and then, on Ahran’s eventual… Continue reading

Kaley Cuoco is now officially a superstar

I know, I know: it’s really Kaley Cuoco-Sweetling. At this point, it doesn’t matter. She just signed a new three-year deal with Big Bang Theory – so did Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons… Continue reading

Courtney Lapresi and Cutter Brewer are just awful to watch on MasterChef Season 5

I’ve been watching a lot of Master Chef recently. I have no idea why. This morning, I woke up at 4:21am having to pee. I did that and couldn’t successfully go back to… Continue reading

Axelle Despiegelaere of Belgium just did “the honey shot” right

Sorry, Montell Jordan (dated reference, eh?), but this is how you do it: get put on camera at the World Cup and parlay that into a modeling contract with L’Oreal. It happened for Axelle Despiegelaere of… Continue reading

Amazon vs. Netflix is getting more and more interesting

Just learned this today: Amazon has an entire landing page for “not on Netflix.” A shot across the bow? Perhaps. It’s kind of interesting broadly, though: five-six years ago, you would maybe kinda view Amazon and… Continue reading

Here are the various YouTubes you need to remember June 17, 1994, O.J. Simpson, and the Bronco chase

Let’s get it going. “I’ll give you me. I’ll give you my whole body.” Bob Costas = conflicted. Kenny “The Jet” talking about Game 5 during the O.J. chase. Here’s 53 minutes of… Continue reading

Is it just me, or did Ted Chaough and Joan Holloway’s storylines feel kind of tacked on to Mad Men Season 7 (Part 1)?

Part 1 of the final season of Mad Men aired Sunday night, meaning we’ve got just about 7-8 episodes left next spring/summer. (They’re being filmed now-ish.) The first half of the final season was very… Continue reading