Be thankful for the journey (even when it sucks)

The whole path ultimately constitutes your life. Continue Reading

Holiday season at work: Stop pounding your chest

Holiday Season

Watching Love Actually and KPI-chasing don’t go hand-in-hand. Continue Reading


Now begins the time of year where family > work

The holidays are when family means more than work

Ah, Monday. But this is a specific Monday! It’s the Monday of Thanksgiving week! (At least in the United States.) So you probably work today, maybe tomorrow, no more than half of Wednesday, and then you’re likely off for the… Continue Reading

How to make Thanksgiving dinner via YouTube

Thanksgiving Dinner

You can manage Christmas almost entirely via YouTube, and do the same with Super Bowl (or other occasion) chili recipes. But the mother of all multiple-prepared-dishes holidays is Thanksgiving. Can you get at that via YouTube? Of course. In fact, I… Continue Reading

Paraphrasing should be a part of your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Paraphrasing

Here’s the deal: Thanksgiving can be an emotionally-misguided time. Drama emerges, things are said, etc, etc. We’ve all been there. (I honestly think it’s either that or small talk. There’s no middle ground.) Can it be avoided? Sure. You can… Continue Reading

Thanksgiving is essentially a celebration of what makes us human

First off, that’s not to say a nation that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving also doesn’t contain humans. It’s more a discussion of the core elements of Thanksgiving — thankfulness and gratitude — being far more than sentiment.  Evolutionary biologists and philosophers use… Continue Reading

A semi-definitive guide to Thanksgiving conversational opportunities and small talk

Let’s be pretty honest about this: in the next 36 hours or so, you will either be asked, be adjacent to someone being asked, or do the asking of this question: “So, how was the trip?” I find this more interesting now… Continue Reading

What’s going on at Butterball right now?

I started thinking about Thanksgiving from a turkey perspective today — I’m cooking, for probably about five or so people, and economic times are lean, so I wanted to find myself a steal. That got me thinking about the economics… Continue Reading