More evidence that thought leadership might be garbage

Thought leadership garbage

Gahhhhhhh. Continue Reading


Often, the “business guru” knows exactly shit

Business Guru

Beware, young grasshopper, the self-promotional “business expert.” Continue Reading

Theories of leadership: Mostly BS, but …

Theories of leadership

Move away from the buzzword-laden vomit buckets. Continue Reading


So why aren’t thought leaders saving the world yet?

Thought leaders

… because they’re largely full of crap and chasing sales. Continue Reading


Digital marketing strategy: The big lies

Digital marketing strategy

When lies and buzzwords replace the real deal of how to think on/approach what you do digitally, that’s less than stellar. Continue Reading

Thought leadership: Why it’s often cringe-inducing

Thought leadership

“Second verse, same as the first, little bit louder and a whole lot worse…” Continue Reading