Time management skills: The check-in

Time management skills

Time management skills are fairly rare in most workplaces and teams. But what if we taught managers to change one little bitty thing? Continue Reading


Work-life balance key: How work is tracked

Work-life balance

‘Work-life balance’ has pretty much entered Buzzword territory by this point. But there might be a way to bring it back. Continue Reading

The definitive time equation to remember at work

Work and time management

This is primarily going to be anecdotal — i.e. based on people I’ve worked with, my friends have worked with, etc. If you want some science on people having problems balancing and understanding time (especially at work), you can read this or… Continue Reading


Future of Work: Turn ‘infinite’ into ‘finite’


Yesterday, I took a mid-afternoon walk to go get some hipster coffee and listened to a Tim Ferriss podcast episode with Chris Sacca, which was actually just Chris Sacca speaking by himself and answering reader-submitted questions. Sacca was recently the… Continue Reading

A day-by-day guide to managing your time at work

Day By Day Guide to Planning Out Work

One major thing we get wrong: work isn’t about tasks and targets. It’s about energy. There’s only a fraction of the day (honestly) that you’ll be really successful at those tasks and targets, and you need to figure out how to maximize it.… Continue Reading

Have less meetings: The triage method

A triage approach to meetings

For my money, the twin scourges of the modern workplace are: Meetings E-Mails Those two things suck up so much time, and oftentimes they’re not even real work. They’re people talking about work — oftentimes without a lot of context… Continue Reading


Naw, you’re really not that busy

You're not nearly as busy as you think

Here’s a thing I’ve literally never understood in the period of time I’ve been working: everyone runs around all the time talking about how busy they are. OK. So maybe they are. There is this idea that we live in… Continue Reading


Why do most people use their time so poorly?

Why are humans so bad at time management?

Here’s an article from the Kellogg School at Northwestern about maximizing time management, based on research into how Italian appellate court judges schedule their days, case loads, and workflow. The first logical thing you might say is this: “Well, I’m not… Continue Reading