How many working hours will you really log in 2017?

Working Hours

As you pound your chests about your 75-hour weeks, read this actual statistical breakdown. Continue Reading


The time management era is upon us

Time Management Illo

We’re all pretty bad at it. And it’s making work a real chore in some contexts. Continue Reading


What about “Big Data” in our calendars?

Hmmm. Think about how much we discuss “data” these days. (It’s a lot. It’s maybe even too much.) We have data channels for everything: if you manage a website, you can get detailed stats on who’s visiting and what they’re… Continue Reading


Being happy: shift away from money, towards time


Research on happiness is always somewhat interesting to me. After all, that’s pretty much the basic human emotion we’re all seeking, right? People are always trying to be happy. There are entire industries that spring up around trying to make people happy.… Continue Reading


Page views, time spent, clicks, uniques, and shares: does anyone really know how best to measure an online audience?

It feels like people have been saying this for years, although it probably hasn’t really been that long: essentially, the media game is changing. Here’s an article from today via The Atlantic, noting that outbound links off of Facebook went from 62… Continue Reading