Leadership training needs to be blown up and redone

Leadership training

Say it loud and proud: make it relevant in the context of stressful jobs where software programs can do the process work. Continue Reading


Do we now lip-service the importance of education?

Importance of education

Kinda feels like the same thing as an exec discussing “mission and vision.” Continue Reading

Cognitive learning often has no place at work

Cognitive Learning

If all you do all day is check boxes and answer the KPI bell, your thinking muscles atrophy. And then we expect those people to make the right political decisions, or want to join the right groups, or know how to structure a mortgage? Dominoes. Continue Reading


The Career Training Era may finally arrive

Career training

HR webinars ain’t cutting it anymore, boys. Continue Reading

Business training: How do we make it better?

Business training

Lack of context meets deification of the military. Fun! Continue Reading

Management development is hot garbage

Management Development

How is 1911 like 2016? Um, it’s not. Continue Reading


Management training: The value of context

Management training and context

We tend to focus a lot of our managerial training in America on transactional elements of the process, which often leave managers ill-equipped for dealing with real issues or human beings. It’s time we change that. Continue Reading

Future Of Work: Provide opportunities for growth

Job Priorities and Expectations Around the World

The first thing you need to realize whenever anyone discusses a topic like “the future of work” is that said concept varies drastically from A-Place to B-Place in the world. How could someone in an office park in Topeka, Kansas… Continue Reading