What are the best U.S. cities for public transportation?

Public transportation ridership rose 37 percent from 1995 to 2013, and it seems to be a concept that millennials want out of any city in which they put down roots. Since millennials will be the primary U.S. home buyers for the… Continue Reading

Mexico City is apparently building a massive, squid-esque airport

Look at this thing. It’s described as “X-Shape,” but it really does kind of look like a squid or other sea creature. Mexico City is the ninth-largest city in the world, and this thing is apparently going to cost $9… Continue Reading

Where can you get the cheapest flight from?

We have some science behind when you should book travel to get the best discounts, and now we have a little bit of science around where you should fly from. Of course, the latter is a little bit restrictive, as people tend to fly… Continue Reading


Could the Vancouver bus system be the key to finally ramping up the timeline on urban transportation projects?

Of the myriad things that don’t make sense in life, here’s one that strikes some people from time-to-time. Because of the culture and context aligned in an industry like tech, you can get a brand-new iPhone app in about three… Continue Reading

The process of boarding a plane was 50 percent slower in 1998 than in 1970. Can we fix this process? (Hello, Steffen Method vs. WILMA)

There is a surprising amount of research out there on the effectiveness of different plane-boarding processes — and, honestly, a surprising amount of videos on YouTube of literally nothing more than people waiting to board a plane. I suppose it all makes… Continue Reading


The shipping industry appears to be in trouble, environmentally and financially

I’ve seen Season 2 of The Wire — “dead girls in a can!” — which is about the extent of my knowledge on international shipping topics, but I do find it broadly interesting. You could argue (and many have) that shipping is… Continue Reading

Public transportation ridership rose 37 percent from 1995 to 2013. That’s a good thing, right?

The conventional logic says that public transportation will rise as gas prices rise (basic economic situation there). That seemed to be the case in the 1950s in some cities, but now — via data from the American Public Transportation Association… Continue Reading

I-81 runs 855 miles from Knoxville to Canada. But one 1.4-mile stretch in Syracuse, NY could be a window to the future.

Fun fact: Dwight Eisenhower’s vision for the interstate system actually came from some roads he saw in Germany while a general. Communication lines got a bit crossed, though, and he didn’t actually realize interstates would run through cities until a few years… Continue Reading