If you travel for work all the time, is there any ROI?

What's the ROI of business travel?

In my life, I’ve worked with probably 90-120 people who were true ‘business travel road warriors,’ meaning they’re basically gone Sunday to Thursday every week. This confuses the hell out of me. If you live in Pittsburgh and you’re always flying… Continue Reading

Americans and vacation remains a massive train wreck

Americans don't take vacation, they're morons

Here’s what we know so far: 430 million vacation days are left on the table by U.S. residents each year. Everyone always claims they “can’t” take a vacation because of “so much work” (the work will be there anyway) Seriously,… Continue Reading

Business travel confuses the hell out of me

Business Travel Is Confusing

This morning, my wife was dealing with someone she works with — and admittedly, my wife is about 2 days from leaving her job, so the phrase “checked out” might apply here in earnest — and basically, this co-worker had… Continue Reading

Holiday Inn Express just killed all the Baby Boomers

Millennials Love Automation At Hotels

Here’s an article from Fast Company on the redesign of Holiday Inn Express hotels (only in Europe for now // more on that in a second); the article is kind of odd and written in a coy, flirty way where… Continue Reading


Some photos and thoughts on going to Paris/London

Ted Bauer Ximena Antunez Eiffel Tower

These are always the absolute worst types of posts to write — because you’re basically “me-forming,” and while I’m admittedly a hugely selfish prick of an individual, I also struggle with the basic notion that anyone in the world would give… Continue Reading


What if Baby Boomers start leaving experiences (instead of money) to millennials?

Baby Boomers Millennials Travel

I have a ton of thoughts on all this, but I don’t want to get extremely far off the rails before I even really start talking, so … let me begin with a story, which tends to center me. I… Continue Reading


Take a vacation with your friends/family, you overworked dipshit

Take Time For Vacations

Americans love to think of themselves as busy workaholics — even though, give or take, they do about 590 hours of actual work per year — and as a result, they can’t sacrifice time for vacations; they annually leave about… Continue Reading

National parks are still quite popular, via Facebook and rich people

National Parks Popularity

Facebook did a year in review, as major websites are wanton to do, and they included a top 10 list of checked-in places in the United States. 3/10 of the list is national parks — Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone —… Continue Reading