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So did Nichole Lee and Christopher Lee kill Erin Corwin?

Wrote about this case a little bit a few weeks ago, and here’s some new context: looks like the guy (the other Marine) that Corwin was having an affair with was named Christopher… Continue reading

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Dan Markel was the ‘intended victim’ of his shooting. Do you look at Wendi Adelson, then?

Dan Markel, well-known and popular in the legal professor community, was ostensibly murdered at his home in Tallahassee a few days ago. This is a good collection of links related to the story… Continue reading

The key question in the Rachel Cooke disappearance: knew her attacker, or no? (Ex-boyfriend?)

This past January was the 12th anniversary of the disappearance of Rachel Cooke in Texas; as a result, it got some new investigators and a new focus, including James Knutson and Jason Waldon… Continue reading

In the Dana Boshell case, it had to be the boyfriend, right?

Just was reading a little about this case — Dana Boshell disappeared in July 2012, it appears (in terms of last contact with family and last bank account usage), but her disappearance wasn’t reported… Continue reading

Is the Maggie Daniels case quite possibly going to be solved through social media? Coach Lytton, the neighbor, etc?

I wrote a little about the Maggie Daniels murder investigation earlier this week; you can click that link for most of the background on the case. There was a comment on my initial… Continue reading

Sandra Travis, Maury Travis’ mother, is possibly the worst landlord in U.S. history

If you’ve never heard of Maury Travis, you can watch the video above, or read this or this. He was a serial killer who predominantly murdered prostitutes — potentially as many as 17 —… Continue reading

In the Erin Corwin “missing pregnant wife of a Marine” case, it’s not necessarily Jonathan Corwin as the lead suspect

If you haven’t been up on the Erin Corwin case, here’s some backstory. She’s from Oak Ridge, TN — as is her husband, who’s in the Marines — and currently, they’re living in Twentynine… Continue reading

Let’s talk about the Maggie Daniels case for a second: out-of-state boyfriend and 911 caller as lead suspects?

Maggie Daniels was a teacher turned guidance counselor — former Teacher of the Year — originally from the Cleveland area and living in North Carolina. She was found dead in her apartment last… Continue reading