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The Claudine Jaquier Gifford disappearance does seem tied to James “Todd” Kessler

Here are the basics of this one: 43 year-old woman moves from Orlando to Virginia on a hiatus in her 16-year marriage. She goes drinking one night at Pelican’s On The Point in… Continue reading

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Jenise Wright’s dad, James Wright, does look like a potential suspect in her disappearance. It doesn’t mean he is.

Here’s the basics of the case — she’s six years old and missing in Washington state — and here’s some info about how the search was widened, and now they’re going backwards to… Continue reading

Jennifer Huston case: suicide, robbery attempt, or Kallen Huston involved?

I wrote about this case a little bit last week, and now we have some sad updates. As you can see in the video above, the body of Jennifer Huston was found on… Continue reading

When you complain about Google and privacy, please also think about John Henry Skillern

You can make a fairly compelling argument that “privacy” is the issue of the moment in some ways. Everyone’s concerned about how much information is out there about all of us via Google… Continue reading

Dan Markel update: Rabbis case, hostile blogs, Wendi Adelson and a Prius still in the mix

Wrote about this a little bit last week when it happened, and now wanted to briefly return to it because it’s interesting and still unsolved. We know he was killed in his car,… Continue reading

Can we ever solve the Tara Grinstead case?

Sometimes I don’t like writing about the older cold cases that have appeared on the full gamut of crime shows (i.e. Tara Grinstead), because if it’s been since 2005-2006 and there’s basically nothing,… Continue reading

Jennifer Huston disappearance probably isn’t about Kallen Houston, but what of these headaches?

Here are the basics of this case, which is unfolding in Oregon (about 25 miles south of Portland). A mother goes out to run errands around 5:45pm. She withdraws a small amount of… Continue reading

The key to the April Millsap case is her dog, Penny

Sad story: 14 year-old girl murdered about 45 minutes north of Detroit. A composite sketch has been released, though (of course, the sketch looks terrifying; you can view it on that link in… Continue reading