We really need to discuss feeling isolated at work

Feeling isolated at work

What makes you a human vs. a sub-human, at work and in your personal life? Continue Reading


The “customer strategy” era is going to skyrocket turnover

Customer strategy

The yin and yang of chasing the newest shiny penny. Continue Reading

Employee happiness really ain’t about the employee

Employee happiness

We’re not going to solve this issue with software. Continue Reading


Employee attrition has a “quick fix”

Employee Attrition

Hmmm. This isn’t rocket science, per se. Continue Reading


The Hawthorne Effect will reduce employee turnover

Hawthorne Effect

It used to be about light bulbs in Illinois factories. Now it’s about listening to, and engaging with, the people who work for you. Continue Reading


The science of lessening employee turnover

Employee Turnover

“I don’t worry about that stuff,” a manager snarls. “I’m a money guy.” OK, then… Continue Reading


How Google, Mercedes Benz and other top companies become “the best places to work”

I’m endlessly interested in how people are engaged and motivated by their work in the absence of insane compensation packages, so this new post from¬†Fast Company¬†was intriguing. It starts with the ‘100 Best Places To Work’ list, which is released… Continue Reading