Loved Trainwreck, but …

Saw it on Friday night, when it came out. I honestly think the last movie I saw on the day it came out was one of the Twilight movies, and that was done somewhat ironically. Fun story from that movie,… Continue Reading

Seriously, when will people “get it” about digital marketing and advertising?

People love to advertise on TV

To a certain extent, all advertising is/was/always will be a junk science, but the facts you hear about how much money gets poured into TV (“old-school”) vs. digital (“new-school”) is stunning. To wit, check this out: 4. The average adult… Continue Reading


Girls Season 4: So Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) is growing up, right?

Girls Season 4 Finale Hannah Adam Incubator

Watched the fourth-season finale of Girls last night; oddly enough, I did so right after watching a TED Talk. I doubt there are many people out there with penises who have gone from watching a TED Talk to watching an episode of Girls, but… Continue Reading

RIP Sam Simon, part-shaper of many childhoods

Aside from maybe my parents, my wife, some of my friends, and the broader notion of “society,” I don’t think there’s anything that had a bigger effect on my upbringing than The Simpsons. I think a show like Breaking Bad… Continue Reading


“Broad City” is now better than “Girls.” Here’s why.

You can make an argument, and you’d be extremely right, that Broad City and Girls aren’t in any type of competition except out there on the Internet where people like to debate things. If you’re a fan of actual character… Continue Reading

Netflix’s success isn’t really about algorithms

Netflix and Algorithms

We live in this algorithm-dominated world now, and part of the reason that emerged — aside from simply better technology and people focusing on it — was because for generations, a ton of big decisions were made on the gut… Continue Reading


TV needs to stop canceling Emily Kapnek shows

Emily Kapnek Selfie

Emily Kapnek is known for a handful of sitcoms: Emily’s Reasons Why Not, Suburgatory, and Selfie. The other three things those shows are known for? They were all cancelled — in the case of Why Not and Selfie, that happened pretty fast (within the first season). Suburgatory lasted… Continue Reading


The true lesson of Stuart Scott is found in ESPN as a family

Stuart Scott

Not to get dramatic here to open, but when 9/11 happened, I was living in DC (college) although I’m originally from New York. Obviously 9/11 was a f’n terrible event and it doesn’t take much to contextualize exactly how bad… Continue Reading