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Brief thought exercise: does it really matter how many Twitter followers you have?

I used to work with this kid back in the day; almost three or four times a workday, he would tell someone (or speak to himself out loud, which I would classify as… Continue reading

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76 percent of business interactions on social media are “neutral?” That’s boring.

Big organizations may have ruined social in some ways. They rushed in at one point trying to be cool, and now your NewsFeed and Timeline and whatever else can be cluttered with stuff… Continue reading

Penalty kicks are the conclusive proof that Twitter is just a big digital sports bar

I’d like to say this is a sign that I’m older and more mature, but it’s probably not: I haven’t watched a lot of this World Cup in bars. Most of it has… Continue reading

Brief thought exercise: where would the O.J. Simpson white Ford Bronco chase have ranked as a Twitter event?

Think about this: if 20 years ago tomorrow was, instead, tomorrow — the Internet might break in half. You’d be in the middle of the World Cup — already poised to be the… Continue reading

Small Business Marketing Success Stories: Twitter

Let’s start here: Twitter may be approaching a tipping point, although it could be years away. It has about 1/8 the active users of Facebook, and you can make an argument that the only people who… Continue reading

Jack Dorsey (from Twitter, Square) sent this e-mail in 2012 about authority and merit. People should take it as corporate gospel.

You may have seen this already — if not, here’s what happened. Jack Dorsey, who co-founded Twitter and is now running things at Square (that little thing on top of iPads that you… Continue reading

Social media pretty much killed the marketing funnel and the relationship between “advocacy” and “customer”

One central component of marketing is the idea of “the funnel.” You can look at it in different ways, but essentially it teaches you how customers move through their interactions with a brand:… Continue reading