Digital noise: How bad is it, really? [Quantification]

Digital Noise

6,000 tweets per second. 136,000 new Facebook images per minute. How are we cutting through all this clutter? Continue Reading

Marketers, let’s retire the auto-DM


Been doing more Twitter Chats recently — which are actually kind of cool for meeting like-minded people — and as a result, I pick up followers here and there. I’d say 15-25 percent of the time after I grab a… Continue Reading

Why crowdsource an idea/concept if you don’t care about the responses?

Here’s a little personal story. This was posted on Twitter a few days back: https://twitter.com/letsworkshop/status/593206622291238912 My friend Sarah Pressler recommended me for the gig this guy was offering. I sent this along via Twitter: @sarahpressler @letsworkshop Robert, let me know if… Continue Reading

95% of Twitter mentions for Elizabeth Arden are spam, eh?

Elizabeth Arden and Twitter Spam

I’ve written before about small business marketing success stories via Twitter, and I completely understand the potential value of Twitter, but there’s a part of me that wonders why brands devote any true resource to it (other than maybe 20-25 minutes per… Continue Reading

Gary Vaynerchuk annoys me, but he’s dead right about Twitter

GaryVee and Twitter

I’ve never personally met Gary Vaynerchuk and I probably never will, although he does live in the same city as my parents (“… so you’re saying there’s a chance…”). He seems like maybe he’s a tad on the self-promotional side (regarding… Continue Reading

Let’s stop breathlessly analyzing Twitter’s influence and data, shall we?

Twitter Breathless Data Analysis

You may have heard about this SXSW presentation from Jonah Perretti, the CEO of BuzzFeed (and the brother of the comedienne currently on Brooklyn Nine-Nine) that basically shows Twitter has a lot of influence, but ultimately people take what they… Continue Reading


Remember: social media isn’t a real relationship

Social Media and Relationships

F’n woke up this morning at about 3:44am. Normally when I do that, I go get some water, maybe pee, and then go back to sleep. That works 8 times out of 10. This morning was one of two times… Continue Reading


Social engagement doesn’t matter. Stop measuring it.

Social Media Engagement

As a drunk kid in Vegas once told me (read the post), “We don’t get paid in likes and clicks.” Continue Reading