The Gig Economy is THE economy now

Gig Economy

The psychology of it comes down to this: time > money at the end of the game. Continue Reading


Uber’s Big Data revenue push begins

Uber and Big Data

I wrote this back on January 5, 2014; that’s over a year ago. I am by no means an intelligent person, but I realized the potential value of Uber even before I ever actually sat foot in an Uber. (My wife and… Continue Reading

The New Business: RIP, Product and Inventory

RIP Inventory and Product

This shit may blow your mind. Consider: Uber is the world’s largest taxi company. It doesn’t own any vehicles. Facebook is the world’s largest media company. It doesn’t produce any of its own content. Alibaba is the world’s most valuable… Continue Reading

Use Uber for networking

This weekend, my sister-in-law and her boyfriend were in town. Last night, not wanting to assign any adult responsibility to myself or my wife (things we probably really need), we decided to take a couple of Uber rides to bars/restaurants… Continue Reading

Uber had a $1.2 billion funding round, but please don’t think it’s worth $17 billion

It was the (single-biggest) funding round of all-time, surpassing Facebook from years ago, and it’s been confirmed on their official blog. The valuation is $17 billion, one of the largest tech start-up valuations ever, and it appears “the sharing economy” may be well… Continue Reading


Brief thought exercise: is ridesharing service Uber racist, or the antithesis of racism?

I really like Uber, but there are two distinct ways to look at it along the “Are they potentially racist or not?” spectrum. Here’s a simple breakdown. Feel free to offer thoughts in comments. Maybe they are: In most (not all) communities, taxi… Continue Reading

Is UberRush going to change the world, or ultimately make it more depressing?

Uber — which may have been on a path towards world domination anyway — just launched this thing called UberRush (trial version is in Manhattan), which essentially works like this: You want to send your air mattress to your friend… Continue Reading


Uber might someday be the true darling of the social media world; sorry, Facebook and Twitter

This post from New York lays out the different reasons why Uber is poised to be a big thing. All this started with a post on Valleywag about Uber’s financials. Then there’s the idea that they’re working with GM and Toyota to get some drivers… Continue Reading