People who live in cities often think they live in the burbs

People Think They Live In The Suburbs But They Live In Cities

Kinda interesting, and via here: Here’s the methodology here: this guy at Trulia (their “chief economist!”) asked 2,000+ adults if they thought they lived in an urban hood, a rural hood, or a suburban hood. He then organized the results.… Continue Reading

Migration patterns of U.S. young people

Young People Migration Patterns USA

The six traits that an attractive city supposedly needs

What Makes A City Beautiful?

Here are two interesting concepts related to this discussion: A lot of times, people will say things such as “The beauty of a city is subjective!” To a certain extent, that’s true; it’s also true that how someone perceives a… Continue Reading


What’s the most economically-segregated city in America?

U.S. Cities Levels of Economic Segregation

Wrote a little bit about this last March, but here’s some new information and ideas around it. This looks at segregation as a factor of income, education, and occupation (as opposed to simply income, which is how a lot of people… Continue Reading


Frankfurt, London, and Copenhagen are the world’s most sustainable cities

Frankfurt Germany Sustainable City

Again, you can evaluate cities in a myriad amount of ways. I’ve written about dozens of evaluation ideas on this blog alone; here’s one with a more global flair. It’s an important discussion because 70-80% of the world’s population will probably… Continue Reading

5 of the top 10 ‘Best Performing Cities’ in America are in Texas

Texas Flag Best Performing Cities

Start with the Milken Institute’s Best Performing Cities, then look at their process/methodology, and then look at this post analyzing the data on CityLab. Comfortable yet? OK, let’s get going. 


Are Phoenix and Miami really going to become more walkable?

Miami Skyline

Two cities long associated with “You must have a car!” may be drastically shifting. Continue Reading

Some contextual thoughts on driving down the I-35 corridor

I grew up in New York City; until I did Teach for America down in Houston in 2003 (the year I graduated from college, also on the east coast), I had basically never left the I-95 corridor. I-95 is its own… Continue Reading