Yep, you need a work vacation STAT

Work vacation

More likely to get a raise if you take a vacation? Don’t mind if I do. Continue Reading

What if research proved the value of taking a vacation?

Take A Vacation

One of the biggest train wrecks about Americans — or really any “first-worlders,” I guess — is their complete inability to understand the need to take a vacation. In a given year, Americana leaves about 430 million vacation days on the table. That’s insane.… Continue Reading

Americans and vacation remains a massive train wreck

Americans don't take vacation, they're morons

Here’s what we know so far: 430 million vacation days are left on the table by U.S. residents each year. Everyone always claims they “can’t” take a vacation because of “so much work” (the work will be there anyway) Seriously,… Continue Reading

We need to seriously talk about you taking a vacation

Take A Vacation You Overworked Mess

In 2014, Americans left about 430 million vacation days on the table. For context on that, let’s assume a workday is 10 hours. That means 4.3 billion hours were left on the table, basically. You could drive from New York City… Continue Reading


Take a vacation with your friends/family, you overworked dipshit

Take Time For Vacations

Americans love to think of themselves as busy workaholics — even though, give or take, they do about 590 hours of actual work per year — and as a result, they can’t sacrifice time for vacations; they annually leave about… Continue Reading