Yep, you need a work vacation STAT

Work vacation

More likely to get a raise if you take a vacation? Don’t mind if I do. Continue Reading

What if research proved the value of taking a vacation?

Take A Vacation

One of the biggest train wrecks about Americans — or really any “first-worlders,” I guess — is their complete inability to understand the need to take a vacation. In a given year, Americana leaves about 430 million vacation days on the table. That’s insane.… Continue Reading


This is what should scare you about your life/career

Don't Wait To See Things

Americans and vacation remains a massive train wreck

Americans don't take vacation, they're morons

Here’s what we know so far: 430 million vacation days are left on the table by U.S. residents each year. Everyone always claims they “can’t” take a vacation because of “so much work” (the work will be there anyway) Seriously,… Continue Reading


It’s no longer “time is money.” Now time is literally the new money.

Time Is The New Money

Give people their time back, instead of just more cash, and they might lock in with you for longer. Continue Reading

We need to seriously talk about you taking a vacation

Take A Vacation You Overworked Mess

In 2014, Americans left about 430 million vacation days on the table. For context on that, let’s assume a workday is 10 hours. That means 4.3 billion hours were left on the table, basically. You could drive from New York City… Continue Reading


Take a vacation with your friends/family, you overworked dipshit

Take Time For Vacations

Americans love to think of themselves as busy workaholics — even though, give or take, they do about 590 hours of actual work per year — and as a result, they can’t sacrifice time for vacations; they annually leave about… Continue Reading