Why do we always end up dancing in a circle at weddings?

To date, probably one of the more emotional moments I’ve had at a wedding — and I’ve been to a lot of weddings, so this probably says something — is when my good friends got married somewhere in western Massachusetts around October… Continue Reading

Going to a random wedding is basically like watching 1/6th of a movie

Generic Wedding Photo

Sometimes I think we — in the global sense, meaning “humans” — are conditioned to believe that every wedding we attend is some majorly special thing, because for two people — and two families — it truly is. The thing… Continue Reading

Brief thought exercise: what songs MUST you play at a wedding reception?

Little bit softer now … and a little bit softer now … Continue Reading

A wedding in America currently costs, on average, about $29,548

Via Quartz, which is in turn via a 2013 survey done by the good folks over at The Knot, we now have an idea that the average cost of an American wedding is about $29,548. In the 1930s, a wedding cost $392. Before you… Continue Reading