Pro-Choice! Pro-Life! Um, how about Pro-Voice?

Aspen Baker and Pro-Voice Abortion

Personally have never understood the over-politicization of the abortion topic, especially because it’s inherently ironic that decisions about women’s bodies can be dictated in a political arena, which is predominantly old white men with money.  Now there’s this: Pro-voice means listening to all… Continue Reading


West Virginia ain’t a great place to be a woman, it seems

Status of Women By State V2

From here, which is in turn from here:  Then there’s this: This confirms basically every stereotype about the white, elitist Northeast as compared to the back-water, hick-ish South and Southeast. West Virginia, Arkansas, and Mississippi seem particularly egregious in this… Continue Reading


Santa Fe is the best place to own a business as a woman

Santa Fe Great For Women-Owned Businesses

Aside from the whole “They may have limited access to water” concept, New Mexico is a place everyone should consider moving in the next eight years — and especially women who want to own their own business. This comes from NerdWallet, who… Continue Reading


Dichotomy: Women have tons of decision-making power at the family level, almost none at the business level

Glass Ceiling Makes No Sense

Here’s The New York Times being “goofy” and comparing the number of companies run by guys named John (just the name John) to the number of companies run by women at all. It’s maybe a little bit awkward at parts, but… Continue Reading


Can you truly slut-shame without knowing what a slut is?

I was at a wedding last November and in the midst of a conversation at the cocktail hour, a woman told me that she used to have a good relationship with her mother-in-law until said MIL “slut-shamed” her daughter. I… Continue Reading


Today is stop No. 1 on the ‘Who’s the real Monica Wehby?’ tour

Female pediatric neurosurgeon. Running for Senate as a Republican in Oregon. Gets the New York Times profile treatment. Then … two harassment/stalking charges come to light. Her past is now being called “weird” and people want to know if the Republicans still vet. Also… Continue Reading


Ignore Pinterest as a force at your own peril: women, the 85 percent figure, great photos, and major life events. Cha-ching.

When people talk about social media marketing, they tend to discuss Facebook and Twitter first, and might even get to Google+ (SEO, y’all!) and YouTube and Instagram in front of discussing Pinterest, but … that might be a fool’s errand.… Continue Reading


If you’re emotional at work, will that kill your career?

Showing emotions at work

This is a pretty nuanced issue, and I’m not sure I’m going to give it the most comprehensive treatment available (simply because there are huge gaps in own knowledge), so I’ll try to keep this (comparatively) brief as a potential… Continue Reading