Work-life balance key: How work is tracked

Work-life balance

‘Work-life balance’ has pretty much entered Buzzword territory by this point. But there might be a way to bring it back. Continue Reading


Simplicity in business as an advantage

Simplicity in Business

If everyone is running around yelping about how busy they are, wouldn’t the antidote to that logically be a greater focus on simplicity in business? Continue Reading


Let’s rebrand the concept of work-life balance

Companies love to rebrand things, often thinking that simply changing the name of a product or concept will suddenly result in millions more dollars flowing in. (It won’t.) Here’s what really needs some rebranding in the corporate world: the whole idea of… Continue Reading


What if “the flexibility stigma” cripples the U.S. economically?

The Flexibility Stigma

Here’s one study — and yes, it’s just one — and here’s the corresponding summary and analysis at Harvard Business Review. If you can’t figure out what “the flexibility stigma” might be on face, let me briefly explain: people want more flexibility about their… Continue Reading


How about work-life balance as a strategic advantage?

Work Life Balance As A Strategic Advantage

Let’s start with some honesty: if you really want to ever achieve “work-life balance,” you need to come up with a new term for it. Re-brand that shit! Here’s the essential problem: Rank-and-file employees hear that and think “That’s an… Continue Reading


Maybe it would make sense to think about corporate life in athlete terms

This article on work-life balance ideologies as relate back to sports is getting some traction at Harvard Business Review, and rightfully so, as ’tis interesting: This brings us, finally, to the exertion–recovery balance that Loehr and Schwartz see great athletes managing so well.… Continue Reading