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Don’t try to make work decisions in the afternoon

I’m a big stickler on this idea that the workday is kind of a mess in terms of how it’s formulated — I’ve written about it here, here, here and here — and… Continue reading

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Is Tampa representative of the American city crossroads?

I have a lot of family in Florida, but admittedly I don’t know a ton about Tampa. I’ve always found that people in Florida tend to disparage areas that aren’t their own —… Continue reading

The great irony of business teamwork and why ‘together’ is a super-important word

Interesting article on Harvard Business Review right now. Follow the bouncing ball here: 1. As a species, humans weren’t big enough or scary enough to survive pre-historic times without banding together in groups. Hence, from an… Continue reading

Maybe we should segment the workday more

Here’s a new article in Harvard Business Review. It makes many of the same points that others in the workday-optimization space have made, but this nugget is interesting: People and organizations looking for brave… Continue reading

Elevated Careers by eHarmony is about to start pairing job seekers and employers

eHarmony has matched 600K married couples since its inception. Meanwhile, the hiring process in America is a bit of a mess right now. Could eHarmony get into that space — after all, it… Continue reading

Presentations are almost always about ‘telling.’ Maybe we need to make them about ‘asking.’

Quick question before we begin: how many people reading this have sat through an absolutely boring, insufferable presentation in the past day? Week? Month? Year? Probably quite a few. Now quick story before… Continue reading

Is it possible that almost everything about classic management advice is wrong?

We’ve talked about holacracy before, but it’s gaining a little bit of steam — specifically in areas like Silicon Valley and Seattle that are potentially a bit more forward-thinking as far as corporate… Continue reading

People need to always remember The Stranger’s Dilemma

What if someone wrote a book about sales and selling called Never Be Closing, as opposed to the oft-cited Always Be Closing? Well, someone has — and they just did an interview with… Continue reading