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This is the one thing about leadership you need to know

Leadership might be the most important ambiguous word in the English language, right up there with something like “culture.” There are so many different theories about it — from Blue Ocean to a focus on… Continue reading

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Is the only reason that four-day work weeks aren’t catching on because of “… that’s how we’ve always done it?”

I’ve written about the idea of a four-day work week twice before — here and here — and I just wrote a piece for Vocoli (might be online tomorrow) on the same topic, so… Continue reading

Brief thought exercise: how closely do you connect your self-worth to your job?

Been thinking about this for a few years now in various forms: essentially, how do you view work in the grand scheme of your overall life? We clearly spend a lot of time… Continue reading

Resumes show eligibility, but not suitability. Could a company called Saberr change that?

I basically spent the better part of the past year looking for a job and, predominantly, being frustrated in that process. I really, truly believe that Human Resources needs to re-think its internal structure… Continue reading

The fact that the ‘productivity app’ market has grown 150 percent in the past year is inherently ironic, right?

Was reading this article earlier today, and while the actual topic of the article is interesting — essentially, a company in Berlin made an app that makes the concept of a to-do list… Continue reading

Brief thought exercise: if you have a relatively standard office job, could you theoretically do it from a pub each day?

In many ways, this is a ludicrous discussion, and I want to admit that up front. The largest occupation in America right now is retail, and retail jobs tend to be things you… Continue reading

Maybe the re-rise of the Rust Belt could come on the backs of designers

Check out the map above; it’s all the designers in America, both self-employed and firm-employed, and across a wide spectrum of types of design (architecture, graphic design, etc.) It’s from an article by… Continue reading

Larry Page wasn’t necessarily wrong on the “people shouldn’t have to work full-time” thing

There has been heat in the press for some of Larry Page’s comments at this Khosla Ventures “Fireside Chat” recently. You can read all about it here, but essentially, here’s what the Google… Continue reading