Let’s end the high achiever myth

High Achiever

A partial explainer for Trump’s America, unfortunately. Continue Reading

Work Martyr: Yea, this isn’t a good thing

Work Martyr

Get off the cross, baby. Others need the wood. Continue Reading


End the deification of the workaholic


The workaholic culture will never end, and especially among males — but we can at least reduce the ways we deify it and treat it as vain-glorious, no? Continue Reading

Ananda Pradnya Paramita and the culture of the workaholic

30 hours of working and still going strooong. — Mita Diran (@mitdoq) December 14, 2013 After sending that tweet, the 27 year-old copywriter at Young and Rubicam Indonesia fell into a coma and ultimately died.¬†Criticism of the ad industry was… Continue Reading