Is entrepreneurship dying? And if so, is one reason (aside from the economy) the general distaste for bureaucracy in an entrepreneurial culture?

If you really think about, one of the most tangible selling points of America — one that you’ll hear bantered about quite often — is the idea of “entrepreneurial spirit.” This ties back to the American Dream; it’s the concept… Continue Reading


What if one weekly meeting took up 300,000 hours of manpower in a year? That’s the entire year of 34 people’s lives. But this stuff happens.

Take a deep breath and say it with me: not everything needs to be a meeting. Pause, and now say it loud and say it proud: some things can be an e-mail, a quick talk in the hallway, or a trip to… Continue Reading


Let’s say you shifted your organization to people working 4 days a week, 10 hours a day. Every weekend is a three-day weekend. Could this help employee engagement?

People already do this — the video above is an example, and there are pockets of big companies (like ESPN) where people can get 4 x 10 shifts as opposed to the standard 5 x 8 shift model for office/white-collar… Continue Reading

Brief thought exercise: while the answer varies for every person, is an organization better if the jobs offer a different experience every day, or a similar experience?

A common refrain you’ll hear in networking/job interviews is someone telling you that one of the best parts of their job — “and of course, also one of the worst (laughter)” — is that every day is something different. I heard… Continue Reading

Could something called TINYPulse save the idea of performance management/evaluations?

Fact that’s hard to argue: performance evaluations/management are often a train wreck. They typically happen once per year — if that — and they’re often not even based on what the employee necessarily did that year, but rather what the company’s more abstract… Continue Reading


Here’s a good quote regarding the length of the work week in a knowledge-based economy

From here, regarding Sweden contemplating a six-hour workday: As we transition to an economy dominated by knowledge workers rather than assembly-line workers, where productivity is more difficult to both measure and optimize, we haven’t yet figured out the best formula for maximizing output—something that,… Continue Reading

Brief thought exercise: do you find/believe that more people get promoted based on innate talent, personality, or ability to handle politics?

Toss out what you know/think/believe about performance reviews and the ascension of some to the manager level. Think about this one logically. If you’re going to get promoted, that ostensibly means (a) new (and broader) responsibilities and (b) possibly managing others (or… Continue Reading

Maybe something called Slack could revolutionize the workplace

So many people you meet will spend time pursuing/chasing “Inbox Zero,” denoting it as a badge of accomplishment. But then, er, IBM has done studies indicating that a clean, organized inbox holds no essential benefit. Maybe it’s better to not organize… Continue Reading