Working from home: More evidence it, um, works

Working from home

The age-old dance of managerial assumption and fact. Continue Reading


Remote work is the tide of history, son

Remote work

Wonder when companies will get/give a shit on this, though. Continue Reading


Ability to work independently: Crucial

Work Independently

This is where employee engagement really goes to die. Continue Reading


Working remotely: Why it’s really so popular

Working Remotely

The world’s a-changing, for various reasons (including, yes, wanker bosses). Continue Reading

If someone wants to work remotely, let them

There’s been a ton of misconceptions about millennials in the past 2-3 years, spurned on by the ol’ “Let’s generalize about generations” concept that we’ve been doing for years. (I think I’m Gen-X, and my parents are “Silents/Matures,” and I… Continue Reading


Working from an office is kind of a preposterous notion, when you think about it

I came across an interesting article about Dell the other day; essentially, by 2020, they want half of their workforce to be working remotely.(Right now it’s about 20 percent.) The shift to the current 20 percent has saved Dell, by… Continue Reading