Demographic shifts: The population pyramid is over. What does that mean?

Population Pyramid

This is the first blog post I’ve written in about a week, because I was in Paris and London with my wife for the better part of the last seven days. (I’ll do a recap post on that a little… Continue Reading

Income inequality is eroding human trust

The notion of “haves” and “have-nots” may erode our entire social fabric. Continue Reading

Only about 1 in 10 Americans can balance being busy with being happy

The balance seems a bit depressing, right? Continue Reading

You can thank evolution for the size and shape of your face (maybe)

FYI: genes that have been linked to facial structure vary more than DNA in other parts of the body. (I had no idea.) This makes logical sense from an evolutionary standpoint. For example, let’s say everyone looked pretty much the… Continue Reading


Leading a process? Learn the process.

Always thought this was interesting: members of Congress will have regular debates (and funding sessions) around public school in America, but most members themselves send their children to private school (well, at least at a rate that’s four times the… Continue Reading

Mexico City is apparently building a massive, squid-esque airport

Look at this thing. It’s described as “X-Shape,” but it really does kind of look like a squid or other sea creature. Mexico City is the ninth-largest city in the world, and this thing is apparently going to cost $9… Continue Reading

Only about 25 percent of the world has a full-time job

Take a look at that chart above — it shows the countries in the world with the highest P2P, or payroll to population, rates. P2P is measured by Gallup, usually as part of the ‘State of the Global Workforce’ rollout… Continue Reading

7.6 tons of cocaine was seized in Peru recently. That’s somewhat important.

It’s not important in the context of “stopping the drug trade” — that’s not actually going to happen — but it is important in terms of this: