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Can you make friends after 30? (Probably not.)

In the last couple of years, I’ve moved twice — once from New York City to Minneapolis, and once from Minneapolis to Dallas/Ft. Worth. I had a few good friends in Minneapolis while I was there, but I was there for graduate school and I met all those friends through graduate school (plus one couple my wife and I met via church, although we hung out with them probably more inconsistently). Minneapolis is a notoriously hard place to make friends — 7 in 10 people living around Minneapolis have roots in the area, so groups are already established. In short, it’s crazy insular.  Read more

Alcohol does lead to social bravery, and moreso in men

I drink, and probably a bit too much sometimes, and I often wonder about the primary reason for that. I think it typically comes back to this: social bonding. It’s pretty easy for me, as a guy, to go to a bar and make friends with someone over a sporting event or a side discussion or whatever. It’s hard for guys to make friends — honestly, it is. The context of guy relationships is very different than the context of girl relationships. Sometimes I think that, in my own life, I’d rather have more female-type relationships — but that’s hard to chase as a male. Anyway, enough about me. Read more

What if branding worked backwards from the outcomes?

I feel like context is often lacking in business interaction. Sometimes I feel like people get busy with projects (remember, busy and productive are entirely different concepts), run around, do their projects, go to meetings, end their day, and re-start again. They don’t often stop and think “What am I doing?” or “How could I do it better?” Rather, they think: “This is what everyone does, right?” That’s what you see stats about salespeople having no idea what they’re doing and managers having no idea either.

In sum, there isn’t a lot of room for legitimate preparation or reflection. Read more

Can we ever solve the Dail Dinwiddie case?

You may have heard about this case before; it’s one of the bigger cold cases out of South Carolina. Here are the basic details: she went to a U2 concert with friends on September 23, 1992. Afterwards, they went to a bar in Columbia, SC called “Jungle Jim’s.” It’s in the Five Points area, which is apparently near the University of South Carolina — and also, depending on who you believe, within five minutes of a ghetto. She got separated from her friends — that’s often how these stories begin — and then had a 15-minute or so conversation with the bouncer of the bar. She left between 1:15 am and 1:30 am. After that, nadaRead more

Increase revenue with A/B testing and a two-word change

I’m doing some more A/B testing at my current job — I haven’t really done that much in previous jobs, although a little bit here and there — and so I’ve been looking around at videos and articles related to the idea just to see how successful it can be, how you should optimize it, etc, etc. Basically, I’m curious and trying to learn more. I think that’s a good thing. Read more

Organizational breakthroughs can come from where you least expect it

I just read this article on Fast Company about employee engagement – it’s co-written by the CEO of Waggl and the co-CEO of Affero Lab — which makes some really good points. If you’ve read this blog even once, you probably know I’m pretty fascinated by the employee engagement space; I write about it a couple of times a week, including here, here and hereRead more

Does the average manager understand the power of intrinsic motivation?

I’ve written a lot before about managers and styles of management — from why most managers aren’t that effective to the inherent challenges of middle management to the essence of leadership (among many other posts, a lot of which you can find here). I’ve mentioned Daniel Pink before — in this post — as he’s one of the primary thought leaders in the “motivation” space. Simon Sinek might be another one with his whole “starts with why” idea (that’s actually the URL of his website, I think) and I’ve mentioned him too.

As summarized in the IDoneThis blog, the three tenets of intrinsic motivation are:  Read more


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