Summer Fridays and throwing yourself on the cross

Summer Fridays

“Summer Fridays? I can’t possibly enjoy that! I’m putting in 75 hours this week!” Your co-worker just e-mailed you that — from the bar at 11am. Continue Reading


The career ladder has a dangerous side

Career Ladder

What happens if most of your management team is high-power, but low-respect/status individuals? Um. Nothing good. Continue Reading


Eight crucially effective leadership skills

Effective Leadership Skills

This comes with some research via Google, and a bit more via Harvard and Stanford. Let’s see what we can suss out. Continue Reading


The great project planning myth

Project Planning

Project planning? No time! I got a boss to please! (But seriously, here’s a research-backed look at why most project plans aren’t that great.) Continue Reading


Leadership traits: Understand push vs. pull

Leadership Traits

You can force the message out, or you can get your people to be ride-or-die with you on the message. What’s your deal? Continue Reading


Personal branding: Sounds buzzword-y, is crucial

Personal Branding

A ‘brand’ is a marketing innovation — it’s a controlled series of graphics, text, and ads, etc. So a ‘personal brand’ can feel very forced or inauthentic and even buzzword-y. But that’s too bad, because in the modern hiring climate, personal branding is essential. Continue Reading


The problem with your decision makers

Decision Makers

Many are just digital paper-pushers. And here’s why. Continue Reading


Effective feedback: Avoid ‘The Shit Wave’

Effective feedback

“Why wasn’t this done exactly to my specs? Gahhhhhh!” (pause) “Well, even though you’re my manager, I haven’t spoken to you in six weeks.” Continue Reading