A hidden key to 2016 strategy planning

Strategy Planning

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How to master your job search: The mindset

Master your job search

A job search these days is a pretty fraught thing. How do you master it? If you’ve read this blog even a handful of times, you might know my basic deal: Moved to Texas in July 2014 for a gig… Continue Reading


The death of B2B sales and marketing? Nope.

Death of B2B sales and marketing

People have been talking about the death of B2B sales and marketing for a while now — heck, I even did so in March of 2015 with this post and this graphic: That slide was captured at something called the… Continue Reading


A major content marketing problem we don’t discuss

Problems with content marketing

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Navigating to WordPress.org over the weekend


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Please stop listing your core values. You’re missing the point.

Core Values List

There are a lot of tremendously fraught things about the idea of “company culture” or “mission statements” or “visioning” or whatnot. By my count, the No. 1 most-fraught thing is that often (read: almost all the time), the ‘values’ of… Continue Reading


Growth and innovation come from the customer

Growth and innovation come from the customer

Here’s an interview with a marketing professor (Tim Calkins) at Kellogg/Northwestern where he’s discussing innovation and products and revenue growth and all that good stuff. Here’s a money quote: It’s not enough just to look for opportunities and innovations and new… Continue Reading


Does marketing focus too much on campaigns?

Marketing and the over-focus on campaigns

“I don’t have time for that! We’re launching a new marketing campaign this week!” I’ve worked in a bunch of different marketing departments and capacities at companies in different industries and verticals, and I’ve always seen — especially from middle… Continue Reading