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How to make Thanksgiving dinner via YouTube

You can manage Christmas almost entirely via YouTube, and do the same with Super Bowl (or other occasion) chili recipes. But the mother of all multiple-prepared-dishes holidays is Thanksgiving. Can you get at that via YouTube? Of course. In fact, I used this plan of attack last Thanksgiving in Minneapolis when my parents came to visit my wife and I. So if you have a limited base of cooking/prep knowledge, come along. This is a doable plan. Read more

Paraphrasing should be a part of your Thanksgiving

Here’s the deal: Thanksgiving can be an emotionally-misguided time. Drama emerges, things are said, etc, etc. We’ve all been there. (I honestly think it’s either that or small talk. There’s no middle ground.) Can it be avoided? Sure. You can avoid your family. But if that’s not a possibility, is there something else? Yep.

It’s called paraphrasing. Read more

Accomplish your goals with visual cues

I’m super interested in habit formation and setting goals — although I wouldn’t necessarily call myself very good at either — because I think in some ways it’s the cornerstone of human existence. (That sounded deep.) After all, 45 percent of what we do in a given day is ultimately habit – which means that 1 of every 2 things you ever do is something you habitually designed yourself to do — and setting goals is supposed to be the big thing that keeps us on course. Thing is, these topics right here can seem daunting as all hell. Who wants to worry about forming habits and setting goals with all the other big things we need to do in a given day?

But what if we could make it simpler? Read more

What could have happened to Jessica Padgett? Is it linked to Mica Padgett or Holly Grim?

This is a missing persons case out of the Northampton, PA area — the basic details are here, but Padgett was a wife/mother who worked at Duck Duck Goose Daycare and had a second job at Distinctive Fence. Last Friday, she was headed from (A) — the day care — to (B) — the fence store — to send a fax, and she disappeared. No contact since. Her car was found behind a Dollar General, phone inside. It’s now being treated as a “criminal manner,” but we don’t have full context on what that means. Read more

Jimbo Fisher is a sanctimonious piece of shit. Here’s why.

Let’s start with “innocent until proven guilty.” Let’s say you believe that Jameis Winston did nothing in the potential rape case, that no one interfered with it at all, and that his on-campus outburst was just immaturity. After all, if you arrive at FSU and lead them to a national title in your first year — and hell, you still haven’t lost — then you’re entitled to scream a few things in an open space now and again, right? (#College) Forget about the crab legs stuff too. (College athletes probably get tons of shit for free that’s never reported.) So if you toss all that out, and assume it’s a series of misunderstandings, then we’re also assuming Jameis Winston is a good kid at heart. (He may well be.) Jimbo Fisher and his family may well love him. (They probably do. Without him, they likely don’t have their national title.)

But Fisher is still a sanctimonious piece of shit. Here’s why. Read more

Maybe Bugs Bunny is a complex metaphor for the U.S. Army, eh?

I read this New Yorker article (by Adam Gopnik) reviewing a biography of Bob Hope yesterday on a plane. It’s a pretty good article, but one section kinda stood out — and half-entertained, half-confused me. Namely, there’s this idea that maybe Bugs Bunny helps explain the U.S. Army as a concept. Yep. Read more

Pride and people not wanting help

I’ve been having trouble sleeping recently — maybe for the last 3-5 weeks. Sometimes it’s related to my current job — it’s good, and I’m beyond glad I have it, but some days I worry I’m not contributing enough or helping the structure properly — and sometimes it’s related to random other things in my life. A couple of times, it’s been related to this persistent notion that bothers me a significant amount: why is it so hard for people to accept help?  Read more


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