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Increase revenue with A/B testing and a two-word change

I’m doing some more A/B testing at my current job — I haven’t really done that much in previous jobs, although a little bit here and there — and so I’ve been looking around at videos and articles related to the idea just to see how successful it can be, how you should optimize it, etc, etc. Basically, I’m curious and trying to learn more. I think that’s a good thing. Read more

Organizational breakthroughs can come from where you least expect it

I just read this article on Fast Company about employee engagement – it’s co-written by the CEO of Waggl and the co-CEO of Affero Lab — which makes some really good points. If you’ve read this blog even once, you probably know I’m pretty fascinated by the employee engagement space; I write about it a couple of times a week, including here, here and hereRead more

Does the average manager understand the power of intrinsic motivation?

I’ve written a lot before about managers and styles of management — from why most managers aren’t that effective to the inherent challenges of middle management to the essence of leadership (among many other posts, a lot of which you can find here). I’ve mentioned Daniel Pink before — in this post — as he’s one of the primary thought leaders in the “motivation” space. Simon Sinek might be another one with his whole “starts with why” idea (that’s actually the URL of his website, I think) and I’ve mentioned him too.

As summarized in the IDoneThis blog, the three tenets of intrinsic motivation are:  Read more

Only 3 in 10 salespeople are ready for a buyer’s questions, eh?

are_vendor_sales_people_frequently_prepared_for_your_meetingsLook at this chart above. It’s from this blog, and as you can see at the bottom, it’s based on data from the Q4 2013 North America and Europe Executive Buyer Insight Online Survey.

If you scroll down some of the results, this is the big takeaway: Read more

The Tricia Haney Langston case could be similar to Kristy Kelley

It seems like there hasn’t been much information about the Tricia Haney Langston case, even in the general St. Louis area — where she disappeared from. Here are the basics of the case: she went missing on September 23rd (about a week ago) at 11:30pm after leaving The Haus Pizzeria and Bar. Her family did check credit card records, and there were hits on her credit card from a few hours after the last sighting. Here’s where the bar is: Read more

Inequality in New York City is equivalent to Swaziland

I’m from New York City. To be more specific, I’m from the Upper East Side. It’s a mostly affluent area. My zip code growing up was 10128, which always makes those “richest zip codes in the United States” lists; in fact, on the Forbes list, it’s up there — and the No. 1 zip code in the United States is actually about 20 blocks from where my parents still live and where I grew up.  Read more

Is Missouri vs. South Carolina 2014 the worst College Gameday location ever?

I worked at ESPN for a while, and one of the big College Gameday rules back in the day — obviously it can change week-to-week, but still — was that you wanted to go to a top-tier game where both teams are coming off a win. That’s not the case tomorrow — Missouri isn’t even ranked, and they just lost to Indiana (highlight embedded above). Just for some context — Indiana has appeared in nine bowl games ever, and the last time they were in the Rose Bowl, LBJ was President. South Carolina opened this season by officially allowing Kenny Hill of Texas A&M to be named “Kenny Football.” This is a terrible game. Read more


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