Brief thought exercise: can ‘Big Data’ ever mean big money?

“Big data” has been a term of note for a few years now — maybe going on a half-decade. Companies seem to love the idea of it, even though the C-Suite doesn’t completely… Continue reading

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New Hampshire drinks more than basically anyone else

As you can see above, turkeys in New Hampshire get fed beer for flavor purposes. Nice. This should now surprise no one, because New Hampshire drinks more than basically anywhere else in the… Continue reading

This headline might be 22% more effective than yours

Quickly, from the Buffer blog: back in late May, they ran two variants of the same headline on their blog. Here’s Headline A: “The Simple Test That Increased Our Referrals.” Here’s Headline B:… Continue reading

Cornell is trying to buck the Ivy League mold to a Silicon Valley place

Admittedly these are all stereotypes, but when you think about the Ivy League, you often think about guys (not talking about women here, per se) who want finance-type jobs in New York City… Continue reading

Dan Markel update: Rabbis case, hostile blogs, Wendi Adelson and a Prius still in the mix

Wrote about this a little bit last week when it happened, and now wanted to briefly return to it because it’s interesting and still unsolved. We know he was killed in his car,… Continue reading

Brief thought exercise: does a ‘personal brand’ mean you’re less authentic?

Saw this on Harvard Business Review this morning: What can a personal brand do for your career, and what’s the best way to start building one? Here’s the thing: I hate it when… Continue reading

Presentations are almost always about ‘telling.’ Maybe we need to make them about ‘asking.’

Quick question before we begin: how many people reading this have sat through an absolutely boring, insufferable presentation in the past day? Week? Month? Year? Probably quite a few. Now quick story before… Continue reading

Can we ever solve the Tara Grinstead case?

Sometimes I don’t like writing about the older cold cases that have appeared on the full gamut of crime shows (i.e. Tara Grinstead), because if it’s been since 2005-2006 and there’s basically nothing,… Continue reading