Final Sandy Hook report, sadly, probably only intensifies the conspiracy angle via custodian Rick Thorne

Before I get too deep into this, let me just say that I don’t think, in any way, shape or form, that Sandy Hook was a conspiracy, a hoax, or a false flag. I wrote about this before on this blog here and here. I think it was the act of one person who needed a lot of help and never got it. 20 years from now, that will be the narrative — and that’s probably what the narrative should be. The idea that it’s a false flag is absurd, but watching the new YouTube videos and threads stream in about it is somewhat amusing to watch. (Amusing in a bad way, not necessarily an LOL way.) Now we have the “final report” on Newtown — and ’tis final, because upon its release, the CT State Police noted that “it’s indicative the criminal investigation is concluded” — which you can access here. A lot of the content is redacted (as well it should be), although there were reports of “15 bodies piled in a bathroom” and that the children’s book A Terrible Thing Happened played a role in the interviews of surviving students. The sad thing — besides the whole event, that is — is that the release of these “final details” is probably only going to drive up the conspiracy theories even more, in part because of acting head custodian Rick Thorne.

Thorne had been an important part of the false flag ideas beforehand; some claim that the majority of the 911 calls seem to be from him, and that his stories are inconsistent. For example, he says he saw the glass at the front of the school broken, but then says he’s in another part of the school. He seems to “adjust” and say he’s near the front of the school. There’s more on all this here, too. Now, in the new report, there are teachers who claim Thorne actually confronted Lanza in the halls of the school:

Teachers heard janitor Rick Thorne try to get Lanza to leave the school. One teacher, who was hiding in a closet in the math lab, heard Thorne yell: “Put the gun down!”

People are going to continue to jump all over the timeline on this one — it appears Thorne made at least 3-4 911 calls and was on the phone with dispatch for close t0 10 minutes, but he was also confronting Lanza? (FYI: Thorne was not killed in the shootings, which you might think Lanza would have done if he was confronted, considering he was in the processing of mowing down 20 other people.) To my knowledge, Rick Thorne has never been interviewed about Sandy Hook. There’s also this additional conflicting report:

The easiest way to look at this stuff is via Occam’s Razor. Eyewitness testimony is unreliable. Factor in the traumatic nature of these events — i.e. young children getting shot in a school — and they’re going to be even more unreliable. That’s why the timelines seem messed up and it appears people are saying things are fake in the background. No one knew what was going on or what to do. No one assumed this kind of thing would happen in an affluent bedroom-type community. That is the easiest way to explain everything around the calls and where exactly Rick Thorne was in the school at different times — although admittedly, it would probably help if Thorne would go do a five-minute interview on Good Morning America or something. Or maybe it wouldn’t: it’s probably better that America, as a whole, just moves forward and tries to take some kind of idea away from this.

Ted Bauer


  1. i thought i heard the school was demolished and rebuilt?

  2. I was recently at a neighborhood get together and a friend of a friend began spewing this nonsense about a Sandy Hook hoax. It made me sick. The next day I was on a mission to prove these “truthers” wrong. My goal was to collect every bit of real evidence and proven facts that I could to PROVE the official story is accurate. Obviously there’s a lot of conspiracy trash out there, especially on Youtube, but the fact is, even going to reputable websites, I could not find a shred of evidence to prove my case. I mean none. Nada. Zip. How is this possible? It’s been over 2 years and there should be PLENTY of public information out there the PROVES this event is real (without offending images of children of course). The fact is there is nothing. Why is this? Somebody please help me make a case to these “truthers” because right now I got nothing and I’m starting to wonder if they were right all along (barf).

  3. And if what Rick Thorne said is true, why hasn’t he been publicly interviewed? Normally the media would be ALL OVER a hero story. I have to admit, there are far more questions than answers in the Sandy Hook shootings. Questions that should’ve been cleared up a LONG TIME AGO. I just want real answers.

    • I think it’s legitimate to want real answers, but there’s a “within reason” aspect to everything Sandy Hook too.

  4. Chris,
    I did the same thing. I was looking for some “truth”. what I found was the State Trooper dash cam looking at an empty parking lot when the “official” report indicates that 500+ kids walked by during the recording.

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