Would it be possible to develop your Super Bowl chili recipes via only YouTube? Seems plausible.

I’m a huge believer that you can learn things almost entirely from YouTube — a woman in Idaho basically built a house via YouTube videos — so it seems like the Super Bowl and what you eat should be no different. There are tremendous chili recipes all over the Internets, and if you’re really living the dream you probably have a faded-ass index card from your great grandmother calling for “pinto beans” in nice little cursive scrawl (emotional memories), but this is an exercise in finding varied chili recipes via YouTube only. Let’s get it going.

This one seems pretty solid and basic.

Felt like we needed some chili con carne up in here.

When someone takes the time to slug their video as “best chili ever,” I figure it deserves an embed.

Most of the above videos had been by men — I think chili is considered often a “man food” — but here we have a female, which is good to see.

Ol’ time Texas chili on the grill, eh? Now we’re getting serious.

Buffalo chicken chili with a Super Bowl flair.

Spicy sausage and white beans. I’m never a huge fan of these “Chef John” videos, but … he did help me figure out how to carve a turkey this year, so I need to cut him some slack.

This one’s pretty healthy, which is cool, especially if you’re going to have queso and crappy American beer alongside it.

This one is more for chili cheese fries, but it does involve Guinness, which I always think is a good addition to any chili.

Needed to toss a vegetarian option on here (although some of the above can be modified as such).

Vegan style.

Felt this was an important place to end: it teaches you how to pair chili with red wine and whiskey. In this way, you can avoid the piss swill beer you were previously considering. Thank me later.

Ted Bauer