14.7 million tweets were sent during the 2014 Oscars, mostly related to Gravity, Jennifer Lawrence, and Ellen’s best selfie of all-time

That shot above — which is pretty cool — did become the most-retweeted photo of all-time eventually:

Overall, during the time window of the show there were 14.7 million tweets posted about the Oscars; there were about 25 million sent during the Super Bowl, so the clear lesson here is American football > self-indulged entertainment spectacles. (Should also be noted the Super Bowl has a ton of tweets related to the ads, which you see less and less on the Oscars; essentially, snarky dress comments replace snarky ad comments.)

If you do this metric via tweets per minute, the three most-tweeted sections of the Oscars were:

1. The selfie

2. Ellen delivering pizza in the crowd

3. Gravity winning for Best Editing

That last one was probably because it was Gravity’s sixth award, seemingly in a row, and it looked like they were maybe going to run away with everything — although oddly, George Clooney did not appear to be in house.

The two most-tweeted about movies were Gravity and Frozen — possibly helped by John Travolta butchering the singer’s name — and the two most-tweeted about celebrities were Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Pitt (no real surprise there, I’d argue).

Instagram stats don’t appear to be posted yet, although I’d like to see those — a lot of celebrities use that as their go-to thing these days, although often it’s linked to their Facebook/Twitter.

The TV ratings will be out later today — that matters more than anything in the current climate, although regardless of the numbers, you have to assume Ellen gets asked back — but it all does beg this question:

(Probably not for a while.)

Ted Bauer