Is the disappearance of Jeramy Carl Burt tied to Jeannie Braun (or Jeannie El-Bakri)?

Here are the basics on his case: he disappeared on February 11, 2007 (over seven years ago now); after he disappeared, his ex-wife (who he had been living with in a common-law-type situation) got text messages about him running away to start a new life. At the time, though, he had a young daughter and it was uncharacteristic of him to leave her (often a sign in these cases). Three months later, his car was found burned out in a remote area of desert near the Nevada-Utah border. Disappeared did an episode on this case, and it’s been notable in Idaho for several years. Here’s a deeper dive:

 His mother, Sheryl Burt, a school bus driver in American Falls, believes her son was the victim of an act of revenge waged by his divorce attorney, Jeannie Braun, aka Jeannie El-Bakri, and Jeannie Hughe, of Boise.

    Jeramy secretly taped Braun in conversations regarding illegal activity that she was involved in, and he testified against her in front of a grand jury.

    “A restraining order was issued against (Braun), but she ignored it,” Sheryl said. “She tried to bribe Jeramy not to testify — he recorded all of it.”

    Braun pleaded guilty to forging a judge’s signature on documents in a custody case, influencing a witness and issuing a check without funds and was subsequently disbarred in the state of Idaho.

    She was sentenced to one year in the Ada County Jail and 14 years on probation, but Braun was released from probation last year. She now resides in Utah.

Ah, yes. Jeannie Braun. Also a focus of the Disappeared episode. Here’s more context on her, including this article about her being disbarred in Idaho. You can see more about her getting disbarred here (it involved forgery and fraud issues). It appears that Braun is now named Jeannie Hughes and lives in St. George, Utah (that data may not be 100 percent accurate). She seems like the top suspect, although admittedly, she hasn’t been charged with anything — and just because you’re a lawyer who got disbarred doesn’t make you a murderer, so bear that in mind. Her polygraph results (she took 2-3) have not been released, but there is a bit of context here: it’s unclear if Braun and Burt were involved at the exact time of his disappearance (it’s unlikely, since he was living with his ex-wife), but his dad did note that he showered and put on a nice shirt and pants before leaving the house on the night of his disappearance. He was apparently going to talk to a friend about a new hunting bow; that doesn’t necessarily seem like the type of thing you need to get showered and re-dressed for, but again, I could be wrong.

Marki Davis, a private investigator out of Utah, is working with the Burt family on this case.

Some of the theories on this thread need to be taken with a grain of salt, but there’s an interesting timeline aspect down near the bottom: Jeramy Carl Burt went missing on February 11, 2007; his cell phone had activity for an entire week after that (quick calls, hang-ups, and the texts to his ex-wife). I’m not sure how they haven’t triangulated where the phone was then — or maybe they did and it led them nowhere — but it appears the only lengthy call (6-7 minutes) was from the cell to a payphone in Mountain Home, Idaho. Interestingly, Mountain Home is the same town where a debit transaction was made on his card about 90 minutes after he left his own house back on February 11.

In terms of those theories that need to be taken with a grain of salt, here’s one:

It sounds like the text messages were not from him but from is murderer. They were intended to throw her off and make her think maybe he stole her car and left voluntarily. Their relationship was not close, and this would seem plausible given his past behavior. It might have been smarter not to send them, but the murderer was not that smart. It makes no sense why the murderer would answer the voice call.

The attorney may have been involved, but there may have been other criminal activity of some sort going on.

One key is finding out why he turned in the attorney and why he continued to see her after that. Maybe they were just stupid, but if there was any reason for that behavior it might shed light one what happened to him.

And here’s another:

But think of this. The second his wife is out of town he’s dressed up like he went to see someone else and cheat on her again. I’m thinking his wife knew for a while and this was the last time. Very convenient that she is out of town when he disappears while he possibly goes to cheat on her yet again. Watching her interview she seems very much like she’s doing a bit of acting while she talks. She may have been someone who didn’t like his buddy too and had those texts sent to him. And had the killer send texts to her too. Those were things she would have known only he would say too.

And here’s the map context. To get from the 2200 block of Hervey in Boise (where Burt was last seen) to Mountain Home, ID takes about 40 minutes:

That whole run immediately abuts a National Conservation space that’s likely pretty empty.

So it’s been seven years since the Burt disappearance; it does seem likely that he’s deceased, as his mother has indicated in some interviews. The whole thing with the texting and Mountain Home and the burned-out car in the desert is all quite sketchy; it definitely seems more like a foul play situation than anything else. Jeannie Braun (or whatever her current name is) certainly seems like a reasonable assumption, but if they continued to have a relationship after he helped send her to jail, there might have been a deeper connection there, and that could preclude murder. I doubt Jeramy Carl Burt just ran away, but again, it can’t be discounted either. If you happen to stumble across this post and know anything, report it to the Boise Police Department.

Ted Bauer


  1. Jennie was MY divorce attorney. Capable? Yes. She was also charged with battery right after my divorce was final…for, physically, attacking her assistant. No joke

  2. Ahren Barnard was also approached by Jeannie Braun and asked to lie in testimony for her in the charges against her. He refused and reported her to the prosecuting attorney. She was furious and Ahren Barnard also disappeared. Coincidence??

    • “Ahren Barnard was also approached by Jeannie Braun and asked to lie in testimony for her in the charges against her. He refused and reported her to the prosecuting attorney. She was furious and Ahren Barnard also disappeared. Coincidence??”

      Yes, Ahren disappeared over a year before charges were brought against Jeannie Braun. You are nuts! Why would you do this? This is a serious undertaking, two men are dead, it sure as hell is not for your ghoulish amusement and titillation.

  3. Jeannie Braun had multiple affairs with married men including myself about six-ish years ago. Seems to me all she wanted was money she definitely got some from me. I find it interesting that she is possibly living in St. George Utah, she was also seeing a lawyer (who was at least 20 years older than her) at the same time as me from St. George Utah who would come visit her on the weekends. He was a big fish in a little pond so if she is there with him I’m sure it’s for money.

  4. Jeremy’s cousin, who is featured in the Disappeared episode, was my neighbor for about a year around the three year anniversary of Jeremy’s disappearance. It was a topic of discussion that was avoided at all costs because you could tell there was a lot of pain there. I hope for the sake of his family that they are able to find some answers.

    • Appreciate you taking the time to comment here, especially since you have a little bit of first-hand knowledge about the case involved. I assume it never really was discussed, then?

  5. He ratted her out with his own free will. No police coercion or to save himself from prosecution. He even let his girlfriend in on the amateur investigation which is weird. Because this is the girl he was cheated on her with. So pretty much he sends this girl to jail for a year and destroys her career by getting disbarred. And then starts seeing her again when she gets out. The dad and girlfriend both confirm this. Also it’s quite clear that she is involved and that was her texting from his phone, because she knew personal info to try and sound like it was him. It is terrible what happened but it does sound like he helped with his own demise. Is he so dumb to think he can snitch someone out and be cool with them after they get out, and that person would hold no resentment towards him.

  6. She was trying to shift the blame to her secretary. Jeramy “ratted her out” to protect an innocent person.

  7. Actually, Ahren dissapeared in December of 2004; The case against Jeannie was filed May 1, 2004; Jeannie borrowed Ahren’s gun and was subsequently charged with discharging a fire arm on May 19, 2004. Jeannie and her mentor – Attorney Constance Malmin-Norris (Ahren’s Girlfriend at the time) wanted Ahren to lie and say that he overheard the “secretary” braging that she forged the Judge’s signture. Ahren refused and he did report Jeannie – then a few months later in December 2004 – he dissapeared! Coincidence? I think not.

  8. How many people here know one person personally that disappeared, let alone two ? No doubt in my mind this woman (jeannie) is involved in this. She wasnt exactly a saint either. I understand these are not cold hard facts but she would be my prime suspect number one.

    • “she would be my prime suspect number one.”

      Prime definition; of first importance; main.

      Use prime or one, you cannot use both as it is redundant.
      I have known four people that have never turned up again, coincidences do happen but policemen don’t believe in them.
      She did it, the people claiming to know/be engaged to her are lying, they don’t live in the same state and if involved would very unlikely they would want to post their own and her business in here.

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        Use prime or one, you cannot use both as it is redundant.””

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  14. This evil B*tch damaged the lives of family members of mine to a degree that it may take a few generations to “fix.”

  15. I have no doubt that Jeanie is an evil bi*ch and i wish to search her and shoot her diabolic head.

  16. Last known location Jeannie resides: St. George, Utah. Last known name she’s under: Hughes. Just thought I’d pass this along to my fellow victims

  17. Appreciate everyone getting back on subject! Glad to know that there are many out there that know how evil this person is. Thanks Shane, aka Jeramy’s brother.

  18. I am the Private investigator working the Jeramy Burt case. If any of you have first hand information regarding Jeannie, Ahren or Jeramy. I would love to hear from you. (801) 719-9494

    • Did the police ever check to see which towers his phone was pinging from?

  19. This connection between Jeannie Braun/Hughes/Whatever she is calling herself today, Jeramy Burt and Ahren Bernard seems clear and obvious, so are the Idaho police not pursuing this probability? How much of a coincidence is it that two people who supposedly “crossed” Jeannie disappear under mysterious circumstances? She should be in police custody awaiting trial on double murder charges, methinks!!!

  20. It’s possible the Idaho pd are all over Jeannie *whatever*, but from what I have seen about pd work, there has to be SOME kind of evidence before the DA will even look at the case, much less attempt to try it in court. I realize it has been a long time for this to be resolved, but that may be what it requires, more time. At least with the stolen car aspect they were able to get started right away and not delay because he was an adult…well, delay more, since it was several days before the call was made.

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