This Casey Wilson-Ken Marino “Marry Me” show looks like it’s going to be terrible

I had high hopes for this because it’s from part of the crew that did Happy Endings, which was probably the show aside from HIMYM that had the greatest chance of becoming “the new Friends,” but never truly panned out. Side note: did you know Casey Wilson is marrying one of the creators of Happy Endings/Marry Me? Odd. I do really enjoy Casey Wilson, but she’s much better in an ensemble/group where she can do her thing but broadly be hidden (odd again: she’s apparently Noelle Hawthorne — the neighbor — in Gone Girl this fall). Stuff that she’s done like Ass Backwards was straight-up terrible.

Here’s the problem with this Marry Me thing, aside from the two-person dynamic (and Ken Marino is often funny, but not consistently so on sitcoms): the premise is awful. A couple is together six years. They go on a romantic cruise-type thing. He doesn’t propose there. So he proposes when they come back, and she flips her shit and gets all mad and now nothing can be right? She tries to apologize and gets him fired? OK. Let’s dissect this briefly: first, six years? Little bit long, that would seem. Second, if people truly are in love, does the location of the proposal truly matter? Third, can you get a 22-episode order out of “hijinx around the idea of them not getting engaged again?” I hope there’s a couple of “wacky best friends.”

I was hoping this would look really funny, but it just looks strained. I hope I’m wrong though! Anyone else got thought? Leave ’em in the comments.

Ted Bauer