Do y’all think Julie Bowen was drunk on her episode of Hollywood Game Night? Quite possibly.

Go to around 2:40 on the above clip and judge for yourself; later in this same show, which I just discovered on Hulu yesterday, Jason Alexander refers to her as “high.” I honestly have no idea what the purpose of this show is, although it’s oddly compelling. Basically, it seems like a forum for celebrities to inter-mingle and pound drinks while attempting to act out song titles such as “Can’t Touch This.” Here’s another awkward situation, where Kaley Cuoco and Penny Marshall try to solve facial mash-ups.

It’d be easy to pull a “GET OFF MY PORCH” move here and say “Well, if this is what passes for television these days…” but no, in broad strokes television is doing just fine. Julie Bowen, however, might not be. (I honestly can’t get over the composition of that particular episode. Lester Holt, who regularly reads world news on a major network, sitting next to George Costanza and the wedding planner from Father of the Bride — yes, I know their real names — and Julie Bowen sitting next to Eddie Van Halen’s ex-wife and the blond one from Two Broke Girls. HOW DOES THIS TYPE OF STUFF HAPPEN?)

Julie Bowen, by the way, also perhaps drunk in this clip:

Ted Bauer

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