What could have happened to Jennifer Cahill-Shadle? Is this an ex-husband case?

Jennifer Shadle, or Jennifer Cahill-Shadle, has been missing for a little over two months; there seems to be a renewed push from the family for information now-ish. There isn’t a ton of information on this case, per se — it’s actually a little bit similar to the Dana Boshell case.

In fact, there’s a key similarity — distance between “last seen” and “reporting as missing.” In this case, it was about one month; she seemed to have disappeared from a Wal-Mart parking lot around 5pm in mid-May, and the reporting-as-missing took place in mid-June. Police don’t seem to have an understanding of the time discrepancy.

The family’s got a Facebook page, and this nugget jumps out above all else:

Jennifer Shadle, State College resident and mother of three, shopped at the Walmart on North Atherton Street in State College, Pennsylvania in the early afternoon hours of May 15, 2014. She had just talked with one of her daughters on the phone about a new bank account she had opened in preparation for her divorce after a difficult marriage. Jennifer’s husband had filed for divorce and the process was coming close to finality.

Not having heard from Jennifer for several days, Jennifer’s Mother called the Ferguson Township Police Department to report her daughter missing. The police believed that Jennifer had left on her own volition and didn’t truly investigate or report Jennifer as a missing person until thirty days later. The family has maintained that Jennifer is in serious danger she is usually in contact with her youngest child at least once every day.

That second paragraph explains the time discrepancy, and that first paragraph … well, here we go. “Difficult marriage.” “Filed for divorce.” You automatically have to flag him as a suspect herein, right? Hopefully the police have touched base with him since mid-June when this became a missing persons case.

There’s another interesting element here, though:

Family members report it is unusual that Ms. Shadle would be out of contact for this period of time.  She does not have a car and travels by taxi or walking.  She occasionally utilized Megabus.

She was at a Wal-Mart but without a car — that means her options for returning home were (a) walking, (b) getting a taxi or (c) getting a ride with someone that drove by who she knew — or possibly hitch-hiking. You wouldn’t take a MegaBus within a city, per se. There’s a chance of “random abduction” here, as a result of that nugget.

At the time of her return to Ferguson Township (post-her divorce), she was staying at local hotels and with friends, not at her home. There’s potentially something there as well.

Ted Bauer