What could have happened with Chelsea Bruck?

Chelsea Bruck

Here’s the basic story: Chelsea Bruck went to a Halloween party in Frenchtown Township, Michigan on Saturday, dressed as Poison Ivy (from the Batman movies). She was last seen with an unidentified man at 3am on Sunday morning along Post Road, an area in Frenchtown Township. Here’s a sketch of the man: 

As has been noted on a bunch of threads related to this case, that looks like basically every guy everywhere, so it’s probably not going to be a ton of help.

Here’s the issue that everyone is probably considering:

You’d have to assume that the guy she was with at 3am is the primary person of interest right now, but the Facebook page they set up for the search cautions not to just chase the photo above.

Let’s start by discussing the party, as noted here:

Paraphrasing from FB – the party was huge and wild. Approximately 600 people there to watch multiple bands. All ages showed up, including some high school kids. Designated parking quickly overflowed to the streets and they stopped allowing new people to enter. There was a “pit” (mosh pit?) and deep ditches (along the roads?) that people were getting injured in. Many fights. The non-official security couldn’t stop all of it.

As a result of this, it’s probably less likely that anyone at the party knows the guy in the sketch.

Second element of note:

Julia Niswender was from the same area, so there is a chance of a Morgan Harrington-Hannah Graham combination situation here. The Niswender case is unsolved.

About an hour before I started writing this post, they seemed to be doing helicopter searches:

There’s also been a report in this case that she was seen talking to a motel owner later than 3am — I believe the motel owner recanted that story later, though, or simply realized she was mistaken.

There’s been no bank activity, cell phone activity, or overall computer activity — and Chelsea and the unknown man walked off towards where the cars were parked, but there’s nothing about whether she got into a car. I assume law enforcement has looked into cell phone pings, though.

Sometimes these cases get traction and get solved pretty quickly, and you hope that’s the case here — but sometimes, like with Kiki Louder or Christina Morris, they can languish. If you know anything, share it — or even share this post and maybe a few others will learn about this case.

Anyone who has seen Bruck, the man in the composite image, or who has any information about this case is urged to call  the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office at 734-240-7700 or Monroe County Central Dispatch at 734-243-7070.


Ted Bauer