Looks like Enrique Arochi may be the guy in the Christina Morris case

Christina Morris Enrique Arochi

The first time I wrote about this case, I thought the boyfriend of Christina Morris — Hunter Foster — could potentially be involved. Early on, the central storyline seemed to be that they were fighting that evening. Now, that same fight might be leading us to another suspect: Enrique Arochi, apparently a friend of Christina’s from high school.

This story details a lot of the case around Arochi, notably this:

According to the affidavit, in his initial interview with Plano PD on Sept. 3, Arochi “made false statements about where he parked his car and the details surrounding the last time he was with Morris.”

The affidavit states that Arochi told detectives he walked with Christina to the parking garage at Henry’s Tavern, and she entered the garage. He stated that he walked around the front of Henry’s Tavern and went to a parking garage near Blue Martini, where he had left his car parked earlier that night, insisting he did not enter the parking garage with Christina.

When detectives showed Arochi a still photograph captured on surveillance of a male walking into the garage with Christina, he acknowledged it was him and said he didn’t see her direction of travel because he walked through the garage to the Blue Martini parking garage to his Camaro.

Records show detectives later obtained video from the Henry’s Tavern parking garage where Arochi’s Camaro was recorded driving out of the garage at approximately 3:58 a.m. A friend of Christina, who was there that night, confirmed that garage was where Arochi, Christina and other friends had parked.

“Why lie in the first place that you never parked in the parking garage? Why lie that you never walked her there?” McElroy said. “He’s lied since day one.”

McElroy in that final line is Christina’s mom.

There’s other stuff in that article around some bruising to Arochi’s arms, a little damage to his car, and the sense that the car had been recently vacuumed when they checked it on September 4th (which was five days after the disappearance, I believe).

Police are now saying Christina left the shopping center in Arochi’s car, most likely.

Here’s my amateur sleuthing theory on this one:

  • Christina and Hunter (her bf) get into a fight while she’s visiting friends in another area.
  • All the friends know they’re in a fight.
  • Arochi had a thing for her since high school and figures this is a chance — they’ve been drinking, she’s pissed at her boyfriend, etc.
  • Makes a move or offers to drive her somewhere.
  • Something goes wrong.

The sad fact is, you don’t lie about a series of things in a potential murder investigation if you’re clean. If you’re clean, you just tell the police what you know and what you did and where you were, and that’s that. Even fear doesn’t make a person change 6-8 little details, which appears to be happening here.

Arochi did speak with CBS in the DFW area, if you’d like to check that out.

And finally, there’s this:

A detective who consulted with a collision center in Plano wrote that the damage to Arochi’s car was “inconsistent” with the young man’s explanation. Video surveillance from a Kroger gas station at 10 am on August 30 shows Arochi “inspecting” his passenger side door before wiping it down “with an unknown material.” According to detectives, Arochi then walks to the trunk area of his car and scrubs it clean with a squeegee. The video was recorded six hours after Arochi and Morris were seen walking in the Shops at Legacy together.

I’m all about innocent until proven guilty, but it’s getting a little tighter for Enrique Arochi in this one, I’d argue.


Ted Bauer


  1. You are dumb as fuck. A thing for her since high school? You’re just grasping for straws lol. Smh….. You are the reason why people consider Americans idiots.

    • Mark what are you doing to help this young lady to be found. The way you attack people you must not be an American. and people that thinks Americans are idiots need to take their self back were they came from or do they love what Americans have done. You need to be helpful in finding Kristina or shut up

  2. Very selfish of you Ted.. I understand we live in an age in which social media and sensationalism are one in the same, but with an active investigation going on, it is unfair to the man you are all but accusing… REGARDLESS of his suspicious actions. I know this is your blog, but let the PD handle it. I’m sure they have the same questions you do, and even they have not labeled him a suspect, YET

    • He’s innocent until proven guilty, as we all are — I’m just noting the stuff that’s a little weird, Lee.

  3. Why lie if you have nothing to hide! Last one seen with her! Hello on video tape….can you say GUILTY

  4. Mark, you sound like the idiot. A very defensive idiot. You must be EAs jealous boyfriend.

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