YouTube 2014 belonged to Katy Perry and a mutant giant spider dog

Mutant Spider Dog

In some ways, on YouTube and Facebook, 2013 was the year of “The Harlem Shake.” Now we have some YouTube data from 2014, and the story is a smidge different. 

This was the top trending video of the year:

(That’s essentially a Polish short horror film.)

The No. 1 music video was Katy Perry:

(This surprised me a little, as I thought it might be Taylor Swift — she was at No. 8 with “Shake It Off,” and 8 of the top 10 music videos in terms of trending/views were women. The lone holdouts were Enrique and Jason DeRulo.)

Here’s the overall YouTube Rewind — titled, somewhat annoyingly, “Turn Down For 2014.”

Some are claiming that was the best Rewind ever, and here’s a bit of context on how it was created:

Here’s a bunch of clips together — and, surprisingly, in a year with the World Cup and such feverish competition to brand/market the World Cup, only one World Cup video made the Rewind.

Ted Bauer