Feels like the Jessica Chambers case should focus on names like Roscoe, Eric, Derrick, etc.

Jessica Chambers Roscoe Eric Derrick

This is the fourth time I’ve written about the Jessica Chambers case — here, here, and here are the first three — in large part because it’s so hideous (young girl burned alive) and in large part because it appeals to every true crime dimension we all chase (horrific crime, before-their-time victim, series of rumors/potential clues, and possible corruption). I don’t know what happened. I don’t live in Mississippi. I’m not law enforcement. But there are a few things we seem to know, and perhaps we should be focusing on those elements now. 

First off, the discussion around #JusticeForJessica online has gone off the rails a bit, i.e. tweets like this:


Or this:

I agree that Chris Christie and Jerry Jones is a relatively stupid national story, but I also don’t think CNN would cover the Jessica Chambers case without a little bit more new information. At this point, we don’t really seem to have that.

We do seem to have a bit, though.

Eric or Derek or Derrick: This appears to be what Jessica told the first responder.

Even if you think she couldn’t talk — because she was on fire — or you think the timing and the overall situation with the first response is a little messed-up, well, you can still potentially agree that the words “Eric” or “Derrick” were likely involved somehow, because Derrick Turner was one of the first people questioned.

There’s an idea that Jessica Chambers’ most recent boyfriend was also named “Travo.” Per this series of tweets, it could be Travo Brown. That also may be inaccurate.

There’s also the possibility that it’s Eric Tavian Bibbs:

Or Derrick Holmes:

Or Derrick Wright:

Or Jerrick Todd:


… who has essentially accused the father, Ben Chambers, of doing it (more than once, it seems):


Regardless, if it’s 100 percent official to authorities that the name Eric/Derrick/Jerrick was said, anyone with those names should be the first people. “Dad” or “Ben” doesn’t sound like those words, even when in severe physical distress. 

Roscoe: “Roscoe” is a person mentioned as someone last seen with Jessica Chambers. (So is a “Sedrick Wright,” which could sound like the names above.) It seems like Roscoe Speights, a potential “Roscoe,” scrubbed most of his Facebook after the murder of Chambers:

There’s also a “Roscoe Pride:”

(As you can see, it gets confusing with many similar or similarly-sounding names.)

Interracial Relationship: This is the final narrative thread here. It’s possible that this crime wasn’t committed by African-Americans on a white girl (Chambers), but rather by white supremacists to punish her for dating/sleeping with/possibly being pregnant by African-Americans. That theory is here. Take it for what you will.

A reason to question that?

Watch this video:

Scroll to about 50 seconds.

When the reporter asks how they know Jessica, George Mister says “a good friend” and Rachel Tutor appears to laugh/smirk at that.

TL:DR — Horrible crime and someone knows something. If you’re a person that does, get involved. 


Ted Bauer


  1. It has also been said that Jessica Chambers had bad blood /altercations between Her ex-boyfriend Bryan Rudd’s new girlfriend Kada Christensen. I found it extremely interesting that Kada Christiansens dads name is ERIC CHRISTENSEN and her brothers name is ERIC CHRISTENSEN JR. Has anyone thought about checking them out??? Didn’t we hear about some kind of incident on the same road as the crime scene that involved out of state tags that just so happened to be Idaho. The same place that Bryan Rudd lives with her family???

    • Iowa; not Idaho. Their is an article regarding this shooting in the Memphis paper;

      • Oh, and Derek changed his fb name from Ssedric to Cedric Wright today; and changed his location that he is from to Saudi Arabia; interesting!

  2. You are wrong; Jessicas ex is Travis Sanford; Derek Wright is Ssedrick Wright; Another Eric questioned who is rumored to be nicknamed Roscoe goes under the name i’break spines on facebook; Derek aka Ssedrick and i’break spines have both posted rather disturbing posts; Ssedricks was on 10/7/14. These guys are part of a gang called Sand Gang who hangs out at the “sandbox” recording studio; Jess was known to frequent that studio with Travis; The guy shot was shot on the same road but on the other end out by the sandbox; his name is Kentry Wright; Denise was not Jessicas true friend; her and Charlotte Wilkerson jumped her less than a year earlier; It appears multiple ppl connected to the sanbox have made references to fires; lighter fluid; buring ppl alive. Also, Sandy Rudd and her sister who were both at the gas station and called Jessica off camera both hang out at the sandbox. April Dyre who also has ties to Sand Gang was present as well and said Jessica was helping to plan her own death and didn’t even know it and she tried to warn her not to go back in; I assume to purchase the $14 in gas; I believe that set the ball in motion; of course just my opinion.

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