Taking some time and going to Paris for a week or so

Eiffel Tower Ted Bauer Paris

I probably won’t blog that much for the next week (if at all) because my wife and I are going to Paris from tonight through next Monday. Cool thing about that, which I’ll try to say without sounding like a snot-nosed bitch: this is the fourth time I’ve gone to Europe. The most recent was in October when I went to Belgium, which was ultimately for work. That means that 50 percent of my European travels have happened since October 15. I feel like there’s a #blessed in here somewhere, and I don’t mean that facetiously.

The other cool thing — and again, I’ll try to avoid sounding like a snot-nosed bitch here: some of this trip was paid for by different writing gigs I’ve gotten, which have mostly happened as a result of this blog. Some of the stuff I’ve written on here I’ve been terrified to write and then share with the world (by “the world” I mean an audience of maybe 200 people at most), but it’s all about that “Click Publish” moment.

Basically, long story short — if you have something to say to the world, we live in a time right now where you can launch a WordPress or a Blogger or whatever other platform you want to launch and you can directly speak to others. Yesterday I had six viewers from Russia. Is six a lot of viewers? No. Not at all. But I’ll probably never visit Russia in my life, I don’t have any friends living in Russia and yet, on some random Sunday in February, six people in Russia read what I wrote. That’s cool. And some of the sidebar money from it helped pay for a trip to Paris, which is also cool because my wife and I got married in March 2013 and never really took an official honeymoon.

Basic takeaway: if you have a viewpoint to share or something to say, find a platform for yourself and say it. You never know where you might end up.

See y’all in about a week or so. And if anyone reads this in Paris and wants to message me, well, go right ahead.

Ted Bauer