West Virginia ain’t a great place to be a woman, it seems

Status of Women By State V2

From here, which is in turn from here: 

Status of Women By State

Then there’s this:

Status of Women By State V2

This confirms basically every stereotype about the white, elitist Northeast as compared to the back-water, hick-ish South and Southeast. West Virginia, Arkansas, and Mississippi seem particularly egregious in this regard.

Now check this out:

The gender pay gap in West Virginia right now probably won’t close until 2101. That’s, uh, 86 years from now.

Arkansas (2082) and Mississippi (2087) are a little bit better.

The gender wage gap makes absolutely no logical sense — see here — and the Southeast has never really been a bastion of equality or social mobility, but still … these stats are sad.

Ted Bauer