Navigating to WordPress.org over the weekend


This probably doesn’t mean much for the average reader of this blog, but depending on how you subscribe to me, you may stop getting updates. (Which, in some cases, may be a blessing for you.) The URL will be the same, and I’ll connect social media sites once I get it set up on the other side sometime this weekend or on Monday.

The reason I’m doing it is because having a .org, self-hosted site will give me access to some more features — SEO, newsletters, etc. — that might allow me to try and build up some aspects of a freelance writing, content, and marketing business.¬†As I’ve blogged about before, 2015 was a rough year. I’m aiming to make 2016 better — and having a website with more options in terms of outreach and branding, etc. is a good start.

See you guys next week on the new and gradually-improving version of this blog. Until then, be well!

Ted Bauer

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