My name’s Ted Bauer. I’m from New York City, but currently live in Fort Worth, Texas. I’ve also lived in DC (college), Houston, Minneapolis, and Connecticut. Jobs and all that, right?

About that: this blog is primarily about work, the future of work, management, leadership, and similar topics. The difference between this blog and maybe another “leadership and work” blog you find is that I try not to pull punches. We all have aspects of work that suck for us: unclear priorities, tight deadlines, stress, bad managers, restricted salaries, etc. I put together posts with research on these topics, then link to other ideas about how to improve them.

Robots may come for all of us someday, but until then, we might as well do work better. We spend like 10-12 hours/day there, right?

I make money through writing, ghost-writing, blogging, etc. for other people. If you want to know more about that, contact me.


  1. Just clicked to this page on a Google search. Neat lay-out, well written, thank you for the blog.

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