Oftentimes, when news happens — be it a situation in Africa, DOMA, 2016 elections, etc. — I check the ol’ standbys such as NPR, Google News, Twitter, The Atlantic Wire, HuffPo, all that … but I still find myself not really knowing exactly what’s going on, or what some of my friends are saying.

I started this site as a way to change that, and hopefully help out a handful of other people while helping out myself. Basically, something happens in the world (Event A). I want to learn more about it (Event B). I write up a post with links and additional context (Event C). Hopefully I learn something (Event D), and hopefully a few people stumble upon it (Event E).

That’s pretty much the five-step sequence upon which this idea is founded. Hopefully y’all enjoy it. If not, well, thanks for at least reading this.

If you come across this blog and happen to like it — share it with some friends. I’m always looking for some love.


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