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So, the Seattle Seahawks could become a dynasty, right?

The Super Bowl was terrible last year — phrased another way, the Seahawks are really good. The last time any NFL team won back-to-back Super Bowls was 2003-2004 (the Patriots). Begs the question, obviously: can… Continue reading

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Humans and Neanderthals may have overlapped in Europe for 5,400 years

The previous timeline of “modern humans arriving in Europe” was about 40,000 years ago (they left the African area about 60,000 years ago). Now, based on work from the journal Nature, that timeline seems… Continue reading

Marketing to 18 to 24 year-olds is challenging

This company called Fractl — whose motto is “Leverage the science behind great content” — did a study recently centering on “The Wheel of Emotions”  and trying to determine what could go “viral” via… Continue reading

Home Depot just taught you something about the housing market

That video above is from a year ago, but the current Home Depot fiscal situation is seemingly a lot better — their second-quarter profit just climbed 14 percent and they’re trading at around $88/share… Continue reading

In organizations, does decentralization generate experimentation?

Here’s interesting stuff from three economics / business guys — one from Stanford, one from Harvard and one from London School of Economics (the entire thing sounds like the beginning of a joke,… Continue reading

Fall 2014 is an epoch moment for the U.S. educational system; there are more minorities than whites in U.S. public schools

Here’s a new report from NCES; it has a lot of data points on U.S. public school demographics between here and 2022, and this, summarized in Quartz, might be the most interesting: this fall,… Continue reading

Don’t try to make work decisions in the afternoon

I’m a big stickler on this idea that the workday is kind of a mess in terms of how it’s formulated — I’ve written about it here, here, here and here — and… Continue reading

The Claudine Jaquier Gifford disappearance does seem tied to James “Todd” Kessler

Here are the basics of this one: 43 year-old woman moves from Orlando to Virginia on a hiatus in her 16-year marriage. She goes drinking one night at Pelican’s On The Point in… Continue reading